Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ditch the water bottle and towel. No, really.

Beginning today, we are executing a moratorium on these two stall tactics/crutches/security blankets. Hydration should occur in the form of one liter of water, no less than one hour before the workout, and at least that much within the hour following the workout. Add two more liters throughout the rest of your day and you are nearing the appropriate daily amount. The little sips you take in the middle of a 10 to 20-minute workout serve minimal purpose beyond giving you an excuse to break from the task at hand. Instead, take a deep breath or two, refocus and finish strong.

If you are sweaty, wipe it off with your shirtsleeve. And if it “stings your eyes,” well, stop putting so much gel in your hair.



for time:
handstand pushup
single-arm deadlift* @ 135/95-lbs.

*Alternate arms each round for the single-arm deadlifts.