Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

***Important Announcement***

  1. If you did not respond to our email dated Thursday, July 16 (Subject: “Melody and John — Final Day at Gold’s Gym Midtown”), your access to this blog will be removed on Monday, July 20 at 5p.
  2. We will hold an information session at our new space on Tuesday, July 21 from 6-7p. Here, we will introduce our facility and discuss the transition in detail. Please RSVP to this post in the comments section. We highly recommend it—you will also get to wait out the traffic.
  3. Daily workouts will be posted as normal this week. Please complete them and post results.

To those that responded to our message last Thursday: thank you so much for sending us your contact information and expressing interest in our new project. We are truly touched by the outpouring of support, and are excited for the opportunity to work with you in our new space. We are immensely grateful to open this facility with you as our founding members.

Please retain the contact information we sent Thursday night for personal communications. From this point forward, any communications related to training or our new business should be directed to the contact information in the top right sidebar.

During the next week, we will be posting updates via the daily post. If you feel that any questions or feedback might be useful to the group at large, please post them to comments.

Rest today.

–Melody and John