Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

josh o press
On Friday, Steve D. accomplished a rare feat. On the very last repetition of his workout at the box jump, I marked time. Then, Steve did one more box jump. “Steve, that was three, man,” I said. “You’re done.” “No,” he replied, “I didn’t reach full hip extension on the last one.” I almost could not believe what I had just heard.

Occasionally, some movement accuracy might be forgiven in order to achieve maximal intensity—accuracy that has no measurable impact on safety, like a wall ball toss that misses its target by centimeters. Coach Glassman has even said that the fittest CrossFit athletes may only be about 90 percent accurate mid-workout, a deviation resulting from pushing themselves as hard as possible, having previously established proper, safe and efficient technique. Nevertheless, we discuss, establish and remind you of movement standards every day. Accuracy will always be important to us, and hopefully, to you.

Reflect on past performances today and ask yourself how often, once the movement standard is established, you permit yourself to deviate, and going forward, if you will/can/would hold yourself to this standard when “no one is looking” (even though we are always watching). Steve’s is exactly the kind of focus and self-check—attention to detail—we are looking for in every workout. Follow his example.


for time:
25x ring dip
50x swing @ 55/35-lbs.
20x ring dip
40x swing
15x ring dip
30x swing