Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

We first “met” Steve D. years ago in the basement of our old “Globo Gym.” There, Steve toiled for what seemed like two hours at two exercises: Hammer Strength Chest Press (piled to the ends with plates) and what could only be called “Abdominal Auto-asphyxiation.” (Steve, if it makes you feel any better, we feel really bad about what we are going to say next…). See, Steve would grab the heaviest dumbbell he could find, straddle his throat with it, and do crunches on the biggest, greenest stability ball in the gym. It made us extremely nervous watching him do this. One day Steve came in to the gym, asked us if he could use our bumper plates to overhead squat (?!), and then disappeared…

In 2007, paths crossed again when Steve and Melody worked out together at CrossFit DC for a short time. In July 2008, we ran into Steve at a CrossFit certification in Virginia Beach. So, it was no surprise last September to see Steve wander in one evening, and come in for his first workout the following Sunday.

From the beginning, Steve has been the kind of athlete we dream about. Steve is unquestionably our most vocal advocate, and that says a lot, considering StuLu works out here. He appreciates, if not demands that which forms the foundation of our program and coaching—preparation, organization and attention to detail—enough to tout it wherever he travels. What is more, having Steve in the gym is like having an extra coach. Provided he isn’t lost in his own workout (and sometimes even when he is) you can almost certainly hear him cheer you on and praise all of your accomplishments. How many times have you heard him shout, “Be aggressive!”, “Use your breath as your belt!”, or “Through the heel of your hands!”, to name a few. He is also the author of one of our favorite self assessments: “It doesn’t hurt as much when you do it right.” And do you remember Steve’s first week here when he raised the standard of movement for everyone?

What you may not know about Steve is his tireless work ethic. Steve’s schedule usually allows him to fill our afternoon lull. He is always coming in before or after workouts, and on his rest days to stretch, foam roll, practice various skills and drills, or wax philosophical on nutrition and fitness.

We could go on like this forever. His physical abilities aside, it is his passion for fitness and, more importantly, for you and our community that earns him this workout today. Steve happens to also be a stellar athlete, which is just another testament to his commitment, work ethic and personality.

Steve also likes a good challenge. The harder the workout, the harder he works. So, Steve, today’s workout is for you. Thank you for being a part of MPH.

–Melody, Rebekka and John

for time:
21x weighted burpee @ 110/70-lbs.
200m carry @ 110/70-lbs.
21x squat clean @ 110/70-lbs.
400m carry
21x weighted pull-up @ 55/35-lbs.
400m carry
21x thruster @ 110/70-lbs.
200m carry
21x burpee + clean + thruster @ 110/70-lbs.