Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Congratulations to all competitors who completed this weekend’s events at the US Central East WV / VA / DC Sectional qualifier in Annandale, VA! Final results can be viewed via this link.

It is my great pleasure to announce today that MPH will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, May 8, 9 and 10 for the US Central East Regional final in Logan, OH. Anyone up for a road trip? With Meghan M.’s second place finish this weekend, Melody’s seventh place finish, Dave R.’s 15th place finish, and Christy P.’s automatic bid, MPH is sending four athletes to compete for a spot in this summer’s CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA.

This weekend’s events were an incredible display of community—both our facility’s and our section’s. Each one of our competitors—David O., Rob K., Ivy F., Jeremy N., Joe P. and those already mentioned above—completed every event as prescribed. The skill, determination and heart shown by our athletes were a testament to their hard work and high character. What is more, our athletes were among the most skilled, accurate and purposeful in attendance.

Our support staff—Rebekka, Christy P., Steve D. and all the spectators—made this event so successful, and such fun to be a part of. Though we are young compared to most every other CrossFit facility in our region, our entourage, Camp MPH, was one of the largest and most spirited (read: loudest) there. This event would not have been as successful without your presence, assistance, encouragement and friendship.

While our athletes were busy offering themselves to the spotlight of competition, Jessica H. and Sean M. were busy documenting their efforts on film. Thanks to them, we have hundreds of photos to review, and we hope to have an album of the weekend’s events up in the coming days.

Perhaps our most defining moments came at the end of each workout and, in particular, at the close of Sunday’s final workout. Each heat contained 20 to 30 athletes, lined up in rows of (near) 10. At the end of each of this weekend’s workouts—the call of “time!”—athletes all around collapsed to the ground like dominoes, except ours. Team, I looked up more than once this weekend, and especially after yesterday’s last event, to find our athlete(s) the only one on his or her feet, surrounded by a mass of bodies on their backs. That—that is exactly how we roll.

Now, we reflect. Athletes and spectators: what did you think? What did you enjoy about competing or watching the competition? What were your favorite moments? Take a moment today to talk about your experience.

And get ready, because MPH is about to launch our own assault on the Middle East: Ohio.



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