Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last June, we posted a photograph of this sign here. We value candor and outspokenness, and while the above notice effectively provides both, spoiler alert: we also agree with the core message (even though it lacks mention of the importance of each other).

Athletes at all stages of training and development—from beginners’ inquiries into our program, to those wishing to compete in the CrossFit Games or other athletic endeavors—often inquire about the nature of our program, the demands required for success within it and additional work that can be completed to expedite or enhance results.

What do you think the purpose and requirements of success within our program are? What can you do that you may or may not be doing already to acclimatize to this training environment and foster positive results in the shortest time possible? What have you learned from each other already, and what do you see within yourself or from other (seasoned) CrossFit-ters that not only breed accomplishment here, but may hinder it as well?

Consider these questions as you rest today and experience your week. Once you have shared your thoughts, we will parcel out ours in another post. Here, we can make each other, athletes and coaches, better.

–Melody and John