Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You might think the StuLu send-off is a cinch. A turkey shoot. Cherry pie. Fill this space with some spandex jokes, a couple of “Fran” references and several come-ons, and you have a proven winner. It isn’t nearly that simple, though, nor should it be.

StuLu walked into MPH on the sunny, hot, late afternoon of August 3 last year, exactly one week after we opened our doors, and on the first day they were open to the general public. At the time, he was still working with Dave R. across the street. Loyalty to Dave in tact, he burst into our place that day looking like a kid on [insert holiday here] morning, or as we’re sure he looked on that fateful night in Bangkok years ago. Eyes wide and smiling from ear to ear, he introduced himself, paced the workout floor and said three things: “I’m so glad you guys are here. How do I sign up? I’m not sure how often I’ll workout here, but I want you to succeed—you must succeed.”

Later that evening, we received an email from him with a document, the likes of which we’ve never seen elsewhere, containing all of his lifts and workout times. Attached to those copious records was the following message:

“I am really excited to have met you both and to finally bring my Crossfit [out] after years of being pretty much alone in my pursuit. It will be great to work out with others (who will be inevitably much better than I) to encourage some stronger pushes on my part. And, I can’t believe the good fortune that you are right next door…”

We still have a hard time articulating the experience of our first day as business owners—the excitement, energy and fear. But, when StuLu came through our front door, we felt…validated. Confident, even. Like the chance we took on a great unknown might actually work.

What followed over the next year was, and remains, an incredible journey. StuLu pushes us to be better coaches, business owners and people. He drives you to be better athletes, friends and communicators. He often makes all of us think (and wonder if he’s crazy serious), consider the alternatives in life, and laugh—laugh and laugh. Many have felt comfortable trying other CrossFit gyms while traveling because of his own reviews. Most have felt his booming, imploring exclamation to finish the workout we do not want to, nor think we can (and then we do). All of us he has introduced himself to. All of us listen when he speaks, and stop whatever we’re doing to read when his name shows up in the day’s comments.

It’s no secret, at least because we have said it many times: meeting StuLu was one of the best things to happen to us, then and now; from his storied entrance into our community…through the excitement of his unexpected appearance at sectionals in March and support during the Regional qualifier in May…until 7p tonight. It crushes us to lose his regular presence, because he is the rare breed—a husband, a father, a business owner and entrepreneur, a hockey devotee, an athlete, a writer, a thinker; our chief apostle, your biggest fan and a dear friend to us all.

Good luck in Annapolis, StuLu. May MPH always be your home and your “Fran” be faster (actually, today would be a fantastic time for that last part).

–Melody, Rebekka and John

The Auctioneer
for time:
thruster @ 95/65-lbs.

+ motivational debt

  • if completed in three minutes or less, then stop
  • if completed between three and five minutes, then:
    • 9-6-3
      • sumo deadlift high-pull
      • burpee
  • if completed between five and seven minutes, then:
    • 12-9-6
      • sumo deadlift high-pull
      • burpee
  • if completed between seven and 10 minutes, then:
    • 15-12-9
      • sumo deadlift high-pull
      • burpee
  • if completed in 10 minutes or more, then:
    • 18-15-12
      • sumo deadlift high-pull
      • burpee
    • + 1-mile run

In this workout, the clock does not stop until the motivational debt is completed.

This workout is scored by the “Fran” time and total time.