Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Meggers at the toes-to-bar.

Today, the MPH community sends Meghan M. West to Illinois—we workout in her honor.

Meg walked into MPH during the second week of September, 2009. She was quiet and polite, which we appreciated knowing she came from Hyperfit in Michigan—at the time, one of the biggest boxes in the country. Even though she told us she held some kind of “Miss Michigan” title (Olympic weightlifting, not bikinis and heels…we think), we had to pry the rest of her athletic experience from her. We knew we had a winner after this exchange:

Melody: “So, what do you like about CrossFit?”
Meg: “Um, I really like kettlebells. And I really like the Olympic lifts. I used to take an Olympic lifting class at Hyperfit.”
Melody: “That’s great! What’s your best clean and jerk? Snatch?”
Meg: “165 and 127, I think.”

We barely have had a handful of men who can could put 165 pounds overhead! And, as we were to soon discover, if you gave Goldie Locks her a nice, heavy bar, made her think it was all her idea, allowed her ample rest and didn’t make too much eye contact, especially with a squat involved, she could and would crush you. After all, that was how she backed-up her other nickname—Black Widow. That, and she almost cut Ricky B.’s heart out over a pair of clips one time. “Just teasing!”

Two years and too many memories to recount them all, but do you remember this moment? We’ve shared it all: the joy and pain of competition, the challenge of the daily workout and even the occasional road trip.

The longer this treatise goes, the sadder we get. Meg is and has been such an important part of MPH over the years, especially for us, the coaches—that’s the only way to say goodbye. Safe travels, and good luck in Chicago, Meg.

–Melody, Rebekka and John

seven rounds for time:
5x squat clean and jerk @ body weight
3x muscle-up