Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today, the MPH community says goodbye to Jim C. as he heads to London, England with his wife for work.

A natural and seasoned competitor, Jim was focused from the start. In our progress check three weeks after beginning at MPH, he told us that he “first wanted to be the best in the class, then the best in the gym, and finally to compete at CrossFit.” We hear this type of sentiment frequently, as CrossFit tends to attract competitive folk, but then we started noticing something…freaky…about his upper body strength. He quickly earned the nickname “Pull-up Jim” (or “Pushup Jim,” or “Muscle-up Jim,” depending on the day). Not many athletes can perform consecutive strict muscle-ups on their first try, but he had already accrued tremendous upper body strength from years of collegiate swimming and a general dedication to upper body calisthenics before joining MPH. In short, he broke smashed most of the upper body gymnastics records, especially in the pull-up, pushup, and muscle-up categories.

The only thing that eluded Jim from total world domination being a more well-rounded athlete was…well…everything from the hips down. Jim needed his lower body to catch up to the rest of him! We are proud to say that in the two years that he trained as an athlete at MPH, he improved significantly in all areas of fitness—especially with lower body strength and stamina.

What will make it hardest to see Jim go is not how many consecutive pull-ups he can do (so close to 40), or how fast his “Isabel” time is, or how much he and one of his best bros can clean and jerk, but instead, the friendliness and goodhearted spirit that he embodies. Jim is anyone and everyone’s friend, an absolute pleasure to have in class, and always willing to work, no matter the task at hand. The 5p class knows this best—it just won’t be the same without his presence and energy, every day (at least we can still get a piece of Jim with his clothing line).

We hope that England, especially the CrossFit gym that he joins, appreciates the caliber of athlete and person that they are getting. Of course, MPH is already planning a trip across the pond next year to visit!

Top Heavy
for time:
back squat @ 225/155-lbs.
dumbbell shoulder-to-overhead with 55/35-lb. dumbbells