Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday, July 15, 2017


1. Team clean and jerk: with a continuously running clock, establish a team one-rep max clean and jerk in 11 minutes.

Partnered teams will work on the same bar. The score for the team is the heaviest load lifted by each partner, added together (score = partner A + partner B).

2. In partners, with a twelve minute running clock, complete:
100x toes-to-bar
max front squat @ 135/195-lbs.*

*Front squats may only be completed while second partner is hanging from the pull-up bar from his/her hands. Any grip style and body orientation may be used on the pull-up bar.

3. For time:
8x 400m relay run

*Alternating partners; each partner completes four runs.

This workout is scored by the time to completion of all eight rounds.