Introductory Courses

Are you considering trying CrossFit for the first time? Start here with On-Ramp, our six-session introductory CrossFit course. You can sign-up for just these six sessions, or bundle them with a membership (see below). Each On-Ramp session includes a warm-up, instruction on the basic elements of CrossFit, and cool down.

The next EVENING On-Ramp begins on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Class Schedule for Upcoming Session:

    • Tuesday, 3/17 @ 7pm
    • Wednesday, 3/18 @ 7pm
    • Thursday, 3/19 @ 7pm
    • Tuesday, 3/24 @ 7pm
    • Tuesday, 3/25 @ 7pm
    • Thursday, 3/26 @ 7pm

If you need to miss a class due to a special circumstance, we will work with you to make sure you receive all the material!

 See pricing and register here for all On Ramp courses

For help, call us at 202.556.5304!