I am a CrossFit-ter from out of town. Can I drop-in for a workout while I am in DC?

Absolutely! We would love to meet and host you while you are in town—heres how you do it:

  • The drop-in fee is $25 per class, per athlete*, or a weekly rate of $75 per athlete for unlimited sessions
    • Register here, and if you have any special concerns/needs/injuries, contact us in advance!
    • Our space is modest, all of our athletes preregister for classes and though we will certainly do our best, we may not always be able to accommodate you, especially during peak hours
  • Understand that our facility, program and coaching may be different from your regular CrossFit experience
    • Our primary responsibility is to keep all of our athletes safe
    • Please be prepared to be coached!

If you are transferring to our facility from another CrossFit gym, please go here!

*The drop-in rate is $20 for students, teachers, military, law enforcement and public safety professionals per class.