I just moved to DC, and I’m coming from another CrossFit. Can I transfer to MPH?

Absolutely! We love transfer athletes!

  • First, try out a class for free! Please contact us via email and tell us a little about yourself, and we will set you up for this free class! To expedite the registration process, please fill out our health questionnaire/waiver online
  • You must be (or have been) an active member at another CrossFit facility, having at least completed an introductory program
  • Please ask us about our transfer athlete introductory rates!

All transferring athletes who have been CrossFit-ing for less than two months will complete a movement screen.

  • This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes
  • We are interested in your ability to move safely and correctly, not in your level of fitness
  • Depending on the results, you will either move directly into our regular classes or begin in our On-Ramp Program