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Friday, April 17, 2009

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.811600&w=425&h=350&fv=clip_id%3D978047%26server%3Dvimeo.com%26autoplay%3D0%26fullscreen%3D1%26md5%3D0%26show_portrait%3D0%26show_title%3D0%26show_byline%3D0%26context%3Duser%3A330443%26context_id%3D%26force_embed%3D0%26multimoog%3D%26color%3D00ADEF%26force_info%3Dundefined]
Today, we are introducing a new skill: the muscle-up. After achieving pull-ups and ring dips, this is the next progression.

eight rounds for time:
25x squat
5x muscle-up

If you do not have a muscle-up, substitute four times (each) the number of pull-ups and dips. For example, if the workout calls for sets of five muscle-ups, substitute sets of 20 pull-ups and 20 dips.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This video corresponds to our announcement regarding the change in our nutritional recommendations, below. It is the first in a seven-part series on The Paleo Diet and multiple sclerosis, but it introduces the model very effectively.


MPH no longer recommends Dr. Barry Sears’ The Zone Diet. It’s true. We do not regret our time with the Zone (we learned a lot about suffering), but we will not be talking about it again—we don’t want to. Instead, we advocate the exclusive use of Dr. Loren Cordain’s, The Paleo Diet (it is worth mentioning right now that we are not affiliated in any way with either of these organizations, nor are we registered dieticians or nutritionists). Read More

Friday, April 10, 2009

three rounds, each for time; rest exactly 90 seconds between rounds:
12x ring dip
21x pull-up
12x swing @ 70/55-lbs.

This workout is scored by all three times.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes:
400m run
7x barbell bear complex @ 95/65-lbs.

The barbell bear complex consists, sequentially, of:

  • power clean
  • front squat
  • push press
  • back squat
  • behind-the-neck push press
  • then, return the bar to the ground for the next power clean

The movements may be modified, broken-up or combined in any way, so long as these parameters are met:

  1. The power clean starts at the ground and finishes at full hip extension. Squat cleans and/or a deadlift + hang power clean combination are acceptable.
  2. Squats must finish at, or below the parallel position and presses must finish locked-out overhead.
  3. Presses may be strict presses, push presses, or push jerks.
  4. Squats and presses can be distinct or combined into a thruster. However, you may not receive the clean in a (front) squat and move directly into a thruster—stand first.
  5. You may rest anywhere but on the floor, even to re-grip. Resting on the ground in the middle of the set results in a penalty of 15 burpees, to be completed at the conclusion of the complex.