Sean Quinn

Sean Quinn

CrossFit Level 1 Instructor/Trainer


  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor/Trainer
  • Juris Doctor (Georgetown University)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Duke University)

Sports have always been an important part of my life. I started gymnastics at a young age and competed into my early teens. By the time I was in high school, my focus was on wrestling. But I was never attracted to the gym. I was always the skinny kid, focusing on skills and technique in sports over strength and fitness. As a young adult, I swung to the opposite extreme. I got tired of being skinny, dropped all cardio and sports, and solely lifted heavy things at a “Globo Gym” for years. The problem was that got boring. And while I had gained some muscle, I knew I wasn’t fit. I missed actually using what muscle I had, like I did when I was involved in gymnastics and wrestling.

That’s where CrossFit came in. I was familiar with CrossFit, but thought it was a fad like every other fitness trend. Somehow, a friend talked me into trying a few classes at MPH and I immediately realized I found what I was looking for. A place where I could build strength, and also put it to use in functional movements, while also getting to work on skills and techniques that improved my coordination, flexibility, balance, and speed. But I also found a community of amazing athletes and coaches pushing each other to be better in and out of the gym. I got to compete with my new friends in a way that drove us to achieve and exceed our fitness goals. Put another way, I found a team. Now my goal as a coach is to give back to the team what I got out of it: encouragement, smart coaching, competitive spirit, and the feeling of accomplishment you get from growing a little bit each time you step into the gym.