Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Congratulations Ari P., for completing our Elements Workshop curriculum!

This weekend, from Friday, June 3 through Sunday, June 5, Christy P. will compete in the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Mid Atlantic Regional final at the George Mason University Field House in Fairfax, VA. Our region includes athletes from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. From a field of 60 women, only three will qualify for the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games in Los Angeles, CA.

Her heat times (workouts) are:

  • Friday, June 3: Workout 1, 130150p; Workout 2, 350430p
  • Saturday, June 4: Workout 3, 111115a; Workout 4, 350420p
  • Sunday, June 5: Workout 5, 10201040a; Workout 6, 2225p

Please plan to make the short drive and spend part of this weekend with the MPH crew as we cheer on Christy!

four rounds for time:
20x front squat @ 95/65-lbs.
10x handstand pushup

Compare results to August 25, 2010.


  1. b-kay | June 4, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Neil A.: 10:59 (sub: prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate + 1 x 15-lb. plate)
    Steve D.: 10:37 (sub: prom hspu, 1 x 35-lb. plate)
    Brian T.: dnf
    Jeff W.: 12:46 (sub: 2x pushup)
    Michael F.: dnf
    Alex H.: 9:53 (sub: 2x pushup)
    Dave R.: dnf
    Keena S.: 5:17 (15-lb. dbs; sub: 1x pushup)
    Alissa G.: 13:19 (25-lb. dbs; sub: 1 or 1.5x pushup)
    Jon H.: 13:36 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Katie M.: 14:21 (25-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Christine S.: 9:42 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Steve M.: 11:37 (35-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Aaron B.: 9:07 (20-lb. dbs; sub: 1x incline pushup)
    Sofia J.: 15:56 (15-lb. dbs; sub: 1x pushup)
    Joseph P.: 13:57 (sub: 2x squat; sub: 2x pushup)
    David S.: 14:49 (sub: prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate)
    Kris C.: 14:32 (sub: 2x pushup)
    Sidra C.: 10:08 (sub: 2x pushup)
    Mike S.: 13:52
    Josh M.: 14:30
    Mayra C.: 13:18 (sub: 1x incline pushup)
    JC L.: 13:01 (65-lbs.; sub: 2x pushup)
    Edvard F.: 14:19 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Josh O.: 9:57 (45-lb. dbs)
    Krishnan S.: 15:24 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Kaisa A.: 14:11 (25-lb. dbs; sub: 1 or 1.5x pushup)
    Peter H.: 9:50 (25-lb. dbs; sub: 1x strict bodyrow)
    Caitlin S.: 12:34 (20-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Roselena R.: 14:38 (sub: 2x squat; sub: 1x pushup)
    Jung S.: 9:04 (15-lb. dbs; sub: 1x incline pushup)
    Stuart W.: dnf
    Joe P.: 15:45 (sub: prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate + 1 x 15-lb. plate)
    Thomas M.: 12:26 (85-lbs.; sub: 2x pushup)
    Jesse L.: 16:12 (75-lbs.; sub: 2x pushup)
    Alexis P.: 9:20 (15-lb. dbs; sub: 1/2x front squat, 1/2x pushup)
    Julie G.: 13:31 (45-lbs.; sub: 1x pushup)
    Pete S.: dnf
    Sean C.: 14:56 (65-lbs.; sub: 2x pushup)
    Jennifer M.: 12:46 (20-lb. dbs; sub: 1x pushup)
    Chris T.: 11:10 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)
    Laurie W.: 10:35 (15-lb. dbs; sub: 1x knee pushup)
    Jeff B.: 9:37 (sub: 1x lunge, 2x pushup)

    • b-kay | June 4, 2011 at 2:36 pm

      Notes for today:
      -18-minute time limit
      -DNF Scores:
      Brian T.: 1/10x hspu, round 4
      Michael F.: 4/5x prom hspu, round 4 (sub: prom hspu, 1 x 45-lb. plate)
      Dave R.: 5/10x hspu, round 4
      Stuart W.: 8/10x hspu, round 3
      Pete S.: 11/20x pushup, round 4 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 2x pushup)

  2. No Doubt | June 4, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Improvised OTB similar to the one posted. 4 rounds for time:

    50 air squat
    10 HSPU


  3. alissa g. | June 4, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    If anyone needs a ride to Regionals tomorrow shoot me an email at alissagordon(at)gmail(dot)com.

    I’m probably going to be leaving around 8am to get there in time for the teams WOD at 9am.

  4. bibihan | June 4, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    I am also going out tomorrow from Arlington around 9:30 and can pick people up at the Ballston or East Falls Church metro on the way out there. Let me know at lisa_coll (at) yahoo.


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