Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picture re-post from July 10, 2010.

MPH has been open for 922 days. Never one heavier than this, Mike and Caitlin’s last at the box. Tomorrow, they head West to San Francisco, CA.

It breaks me to write this goodbye—this thank-you, a reminder of friendship and the virtue of surrounding yourself, sharing yourself with the best people.

It’s taken 45 minutes just to write these five sentences. No matter what I get down, it can’t express what I, we actually feel today…

I met Mike maybe five years ago. He had personal training sessions to use at our last gym, and we were matched accidentally. Mike hates this part of the story, but at our first session, a conversation to introduce ourselves and goal-set, he barely looked up from his phone for the hour. When I suggested a weekly training schedule, he replied, thumbs in stride, “take a number.”

It was probably my winning personality that broke his will won him over, but it didn’t take Mike long to see the value in our type of fitness—what Melody and I were working feverishly to build. I introduced him to Neil (we know how that turned out) via a weekly group workout that ultimately included Mel and Dave O., too. That foursome was the beginning of MPH as you know it, in more ways than one…

Caitlin came around at the end of our time there, and she was our last new athlete before we left to open MPH. Cait—what a gal. I remember wondering exactly how Mike had pulled that off. I’ve never known anyone so warm, so nice—so completely unable to push jerk a pvc pipe.

As Melody and I got closer to striking out on our own, our business plans were even drawn on Mike and Cait’s kitchen table—a lectern that keynoted every major decision we’ve made in the last three years, along with countless drinks and dinners, and exchanges on friendship, family, fitness…life.

We have dozens of memories of our time together. A few are chronicled on this site (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), but the space isn’t worthy of most. For us—Melody, Rebekka and me—we say goodbye to our support, our strength, our guidance, and the reason we exist at all.

For me…no workout or story from here can singularize or epitomize what they’ve done for, or mean to me. Mike and Cait have helped me learn what it means to be a friend—that on the rare occasion you meet someone exceptional to share a meal, a workout, an idea, a success or a failure, a home, or a life with…that you make time, spend time and hold onto her, him or them.

This, as sad as I am though, is not goodbye. I can’t—won’t. So, travel safely, and I’ll see you in a small time.


Force Couple
for time:
800m run

then, for time:
25x handstand pushup
5x clean @ body weight
50x pull-up
10x clean
75x pushup
15x clean