Friday, August 3, 2012

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  1. b-kay | August 3, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Robert W.: 150-155-155-lbs., 33 (sub: front squat, strict pull-up)
    Christine S.: 95-95-100-lbs., 68
    Chap G.: 95-95*-100x-lbs., 28 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Jon A.: 100-110-110*-lbs., 12 (sub: front squat, 3-3-3, jump-stretch strict pull-up, green, 5′ amrap)
    Tamra F.: 23 (35-lb. dbs; sub: 5x kneeling bent-over row, 7 rounds, jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Terry M.: 115-115-115*-lbs., 56
    Wistar W.: 95-105-105*-lbs., 15 (sub: front squat, jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    Kaisa A.: 85-85-85-lbs., 28 (sub: strict pull-up)
    Molly B.: 85-85-85-lbs., 33 (sub: front squat, jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    Julie G.: 45-45-45*-lbs., 21 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Johnny A.: 105-110-115x-lbs., 26 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Alissa G.: 110-115-120x*-lbs., 52
    James H.: 115-120-125x*-lbs., 55 (sub: strict pull-up)
    Nick D.: 85-90-90*-lbs., 35 (sub: strict pull-up)
    Keena S.: 21 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 5x bent-over row, 5 rounds, jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    John E.: 105-105*-110x-lbs., 22 (sub: front squat, jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    John Gr.: 65-65-65*-lbs., 20 (sub: front squat, strict bodyrow)
    Jon H.: 205-215-225*-lbs., 38 (sub: front squat, strict pull-up)
    Michael F.: 155-160-165-lbs., 62
    Borja G.: 175x-170*-155-lbs., 68
    Matthew W.: 175-185-200*-lbs., 76
    Steve M.: 145-155x-145-lbs., 52
    Rob K.: 170-180x-175-lbs., 80
    David O.: 120-125-130-lbs., 36 (sub: strict pull-up)
    Peter H.: 125-130-135*-lbs., 87
    John P.: 110-110-110*-lbs., 37
    Bill G.: 155-165-170-lbs., 64
    Matthew C.: 175x-175-180*-lbs., 40
    Daniel H.: 165-175-180*-lbs., 41 (sub: front squat)
    Ivy F.: 135-140x-140x-lbs., 24 (sub: jump-stretch strict pull-up, red)
    Ty C.: 95-95-95-lbs., 26
    Joe K.: 100-105*-110x-lbs., 29
    Dave R: 270-280-280x-lbs., 55 (sub: front squat, prom ring pull-up)
    Brian T.: 165-170x-150-lbs., 61 (sub: strict pull-up)
    Mark Co.: 105-115-115-lbs., 39
    David S.: 200-225x-225x-lbs., 82 (sub: front squat)
    Kathleen K.: 55-60x-55-lbs., 26 (sub: shoulder press, jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)


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