Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

***Important Announcement***
Beginning Saturday, March 1, we will host the weekly 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Open workout every Saturday during our regular classes through March 29the Open workout will be the Workout of the Day at 8a, 9a, 10a, 12p and 1p. Please come by each week at these times to cheer on over 25 MPH athletes, as they attempt to qualify our affiliate team for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Final (May 23-25)!
This week’s Open workout (14.1) is:
as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 10 minutes:
30x double under
15x power snatch @ 75/55-lbs.

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  1. b-kay | March 1, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Steve M.: 221 (sub: sit-up, strict bodyrow)
    James H.: 162 (sub: mb sit-up, 14-lbs.)
    Rob K.: 219
    John P.: 225
    Michael F.: 280
    Jim D.: 101
    Joanna T.: 180 (sub: 10x double under, round 1, 2x single under)
    Jamie T.: 329 (55-lbs.; sub: 5x double under, round 1, 2x single under)
    Abby B.: 72 (sub: 10x double under/round)
    Mayra C.: 195
    Ralph B.: 125
    Chris H.: 226
    Dave R.: 291, 305
    Dave K.: 231
    Borja G.: 239
    Christine F.: 309 (25-lbs.; sub: 5x double under round 1, 2x single under)
    Chris C.: 192 (sub: pushup, pull-up)
    Cole M.: 147 (sub: pushup, 1/2x strict pull-up)
    Seth R.: 171
    Adrian P.: 135
    Brian K.: 78 (65-lbs.; sub: 1/2x double under)
    Shawn C.: 139
    Ross B.: 153
    Shane B.: 184
    Francisco L.: 256 (35-lbs.; sub: 1x single under, hang power snatch)
    Rocio Q.: 180 (35-lbs.; sub: 2x single under, power clean)
    Ty C.: 319 (45-lbs.; sub: 10x double under round 1, 2x single under)
    Bill G.: 264
    David S.: 232
    Josh M.: 223
    Sean F.: 189, 219
    Graham G.: 210
    Roselena R.: 150
    Dat D.: 245, 256
    Teal B.: 297 (sub: 2x single under)
    Keena S.: 174
    Mariah A.: 309
    David O.: 168
    Shawn J.: 82 (sub: 10x double under/round)
    CJ D.: 211
    Rebekka E.: 247
    Matthew W.: 266, 278
    Mark Co.: 133
    Mark L.: 270 (sub: power clean)
    Katie R.: 165 (sub: sit-up)
    Sofia J.: 100 (sub: 10x double under/round)
    Set S.: 75 (sub: 10x double under/round)
    David Se.: 169
    Christine S.: 191
    Yoshi S.: 244
    Neil A.: 232
    Alissa G.: 217, 256
    Melody F.: 327, 339
    Robert W.: 163 (sub: sit-up, 1/2x double under)
    Diane N.: 243 (45-lbs.; sub: 10x double under, round 1, 2x single under)
    Buffy M.: 229 (35-lbs.; sub: 5x double under attempts, round 1, 2x single under)
    Brian T.: 246
    Jon H.: 214


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