Monday, February 9, 2015

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  1. MPH | February 9, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Jon H.: 95-lbs. (sub: 2/5x bar muscle-up)
    Borja G.: 115-lbs., 6 (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Ralph A.: 75-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Matt H.: 85-lbs., 2 (sub: 2/5x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Blaine P.: 85-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up)
    Teal B.: 85-lbs. (sub: 3/5x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Emmy A.: 40-lbs. (sub: low hang power snatch + overhead squat, 2/5x strict pull-up)
    Sara R.: 60-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Kevin K.: 55-lbs. (sub: low hang power snatch, 2x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Katie K.: 65-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    CJ D.: (sub: 5x def pushup, 5x true strict bodyrow)
    Neil A.: 105-lbs. (sub: 3/5x ctb pull-up)
    Joe T.: 75-lbs., 10 (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Dave B.: 65-lbs. (sub: 3/5x ctb pull-up)
    David G.: 45-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Anna G.: 25-lbs. (sub: low hang power snatch, 3x jump-stretch strict pull-up, green)
    Tara S.: 60-lbs. (sub: 2/5x banded bar muscle-up/ctb pull-up)
    Patrick P.: 55-lbs.(sub: low hang power snatch, 3x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Astrid V.: 35-lbs. (sub: 3/5x jump-stretch strict pull-up, blue)
    Dave K.: 85-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Kevin K.: 75-lbs., (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Rob L.: 65-lbs., 7 (sub: 2/5x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Brandt M.: 95-lbs. (sub: shoulder press, 3/5x pull-up)
    Shawn J.: 75-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Bill M.: 30-lbs. (sub: pull-up)
    Matthew W.: 145-lbs. (sub: hang power clean)
    Drew P.: 145-lbs. (sub: 45″ v-hold)
    Amy S.: 80-lbs. (sub: 2/5x bar muscle-up)
    Brian K.: 90-lbs., 14 (sub: 2x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Lisa C.: 95-lbs. (sub: low hang clean, 2/5x strict pull-up)
    Dave R.: 145-lbs., 11 (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Kyle S.: 75-lbs. (sub: strict ctb pull-up)
    Alissa G.: 85-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Steve M.: 110-lbs., 24 (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempts)
    Jamie T.: 90-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Christine S.: 70-lbs. (sub: 3/5x hip-to-bar pull-ups)
    John P.: 115-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Bill G.: 185-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Ryan L.: 125-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Mark Co.: 90-lbs. (sub: 1/5x bar muscle-up)
    Chris T.: 85-lbs. (sub: 2/5x bar muscle-up)
    Stephen K.: 65-lbs. (sub: 1/5x bar muscle-up)
    Krishnan S.: 85-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Randy F.: 65-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Walt C.: 55-lbs. (sub: 5/5x pull-up)
    Brian W.: 45-lbs. (sub: 7/5x pushup)
    James F.: 45-lbs. (sub: 10/15x pushup)
    Abby K.: 55-lbs. (sub: 2/5x jump-stretch strict pull-up, green+)
    Yelina G.: 15-lbs. (sub: hang power snatch, 5x strict bodyrow)
    Antony T.: 15-lbs. (sub: hang power snatch, 5x strict bodyrow)
    Chris C.: 185-lbs. (sub: high hang power clean, 3x bar muscle-up)
    Dat D.: 110-lbs.
    David S.: 95-lbs. (sub: 1-2/5x bar muscle-up)
    Ted D.: 55-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Mary T.: 53-lbs. (sub: 5/5x pull-up)
    Rebekka E.: 80-lbs. (sub: 2/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Luke B.: 45-lbs. (sub: 2/5x strict pull-up)
    Kelly G.: 115-lbs. (sub: 2/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Ken F.: 35-lbs. (sub: 2/5x partner-assisted strict pull-up)
    Francisco L.: 55-lbs. (sub: 5x pull-up)
    Chris H.: 145-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up)
    Josh M.: 135-lbs. (sub: 3/5x bar muscle-up)
    Alex M.: 125-lbs. (sub: hang power snatch, 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)
    Brett B.: 135-lbs. (sub: hang squat clean, 7/5x false grip strict bodyrow)
    Jim D.: 70-lbs. (sub: 2/5x strict pull-up)
    Mayra C.: 50-lbs. (sub: 2/5x partner-assisted strict pull-up)
    Diane N.: 50-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Candida M.: 50-lbs. (sub: 3/5x pull-up)
    Zaid A.: 45-lbs. (sub: 2/5x partner-assisted strict pull-up)
    Sean F.: 75-lbs. (sub: 2-3/5x bar muscle-up)
    Shane B.: 15-lbs. (sub: overhead squat, 3/5x bar muscle-up attempt)


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