Saturday, July 1, 2017

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  1. MPH | July 1, 2017 at 12:52 pm


    “No one else showed up for the burpees!”: 12:40
    Dave R.: (245-lbs.)
    Jason O.: (245-lbs.)

    “Do one then the other”: 13:32
    John P.: (205-lbs.)
    Alex M.: (205-lbs.)

    “Deadlifting Society”: 14:30
    John L.: (205-lbs.)
    Hari P.: (205-lbs.)

    “The Betty’s”: 17:09
    Cassandra S.: (125-lbs.)
    Liz L.: (125-lbs.)

    “I hate team names”: 16:24
    Lisa C.: (115-lbs.; sub: 200x du)
    Charles B.: (205-lbs.; sub: 200x du)

    “Tall Blondes”: 13:35
    Anna G.: (125-lbs.; sub: 100x du)
    Kate H.: (125-lbs.; sub: 100x du)

    “Team DC”: 17:45
    Diana G.: (85-lbs.; sub: 200x du)
    Collin L.: (115-lbs.; sub: 200x du)

    “Chris and Matt”: 10:59
    Chris C.: (225-lbs.)
    Matthew W.: (225-lbs.)

    Alissa G.: 16:46 (sub: 1/2x deadlift, 100x du)

    “Team MaJa”: 23:28
    Mark Ab.: (sub: 275x sit-up/double under)
    Jamie T.: (185-lbs.; sub: 275x sit-up/double under)

    “Team A Squared”: 13:07
    Amy S.: Rx
    Alex Z.: Rx

    “Team Firecracker”: 15:04
    Danielle Z.: (95-lbs.; sub: single under)
    Brenna M.: (95-lbs.; sub; single under)

    “MPH Twinsies”: 18:55
    Eduardo S.: (185-lbs.)
    David G.: (185-lbs.)

    “Team Snooze Button”: 20:05
    Greg F.: (95-lbs.; sub: 200x du)
    Kevin M.: (165-lbs.; sub: 200x du)

    “Mavens”: 21:50
    Tara S.: (155-lbs.)
    Elise C.: (155-lbs.)

    “Mako’s CrossFit-ters”: 15:04
    Josh M.: (225-lbs.)
    Tyler L: (135-lbs.; sub: push press from rack)

    “Joda”: 15:06
    Brenda L.: (95-lbs.; sub: 100x sit-up/du)
    Jo C.: (135-lbs.; sub: 100x sit-up/du)

    “Double Bummer”: 19:43
    Seth C.: (135-lbs.; sub: 200x du)
    Cristian D.: (135-lbs.; sub: 200x du)

    “The Bridgewinkles”: 19:46
    Adrienne V.: (125-lbs.; sub: 200x du)
    Seth B.: (155-lbs.; sub: 200x du)


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