Friday, April 17, 2020

CrossFit MPH – WOD


Joe T.: 51 (95-lbs., static dip)
Ben E.: 88 (20/15-lb. dbs, chair dip)
Will H.: 95 (45-lb. goblet thruster, chair dip)
Zac E.: 89 (35-lb. suitcase thruster, chair dip)
Patrick J.: 80 (30-lb. dbs, chair dip)
Matt H.: 174 (backpack, hr pushup; sub: weighted lunge)
Alex H.: 115 (50-lbs., static dip; sub: front squat)
Anna G.: 118 (15-lb. dbs, chair dip)
Sean  F.: 77 (30-lb. sacs, static dip)
Natasha Z.: 40 (5-lb. dbs, chair dip)
Anu B.: 58 (25-lb. dbs; sub: 3 foot-assist static dip)
Christy L.: 133 (8-lb. goblet thruster, chair dip)
Kate G.: 121 (20-lb. dbs; sub: 3 static dip)
Andrew Z.: 64 (40-lb. dbs, static dip)
Ross B.: 43 (50-lb. dbs, hr pushup)
Sergio L.: 66 (30-lb. dbs, chair dip)
Chase H.: 107 (45-lb. sa thruster, chair dip)
Lisa C.: 101 (15-lb. dbs, chair dip)
Mel F.: 74 (65-lbs.; sub: 4 ring dip)
Travis H.: 73 (35-lb. dbs., rds 1-5 chair dip, rds 6-10 hr pushup)
Dan H.: 88 (25-lb. dbs, rds 1-5 hr pushup, rds 6-10 chair dip)
Josh M.: 77 (50-lb. db, bench dip, sa thruster)
Michael Fo.: 80 (30-lb. dbs, bench dip)
John N.: 73 (25-lb. dbs, bench dip)
Adrienne V.: 73 (25-lb. dbs, bench dip)
Diana D.: 115 (backpack, bench dip)
Matei D.: 73 (backpack, bench dip)
Sarah D.: 125 (20-lb. dbs, bench dip, alternating rds of thruster and squat jump)
Katie G.: 119 (squat jump, bench dip)
Morgan M.: 59 (50-lb. dbs, chair dip)
Seth B.: 67 (35-lb. dbs, bench dip)
Mark Co.: 59 (35-lb. dbs, bench dip)
Seth C.: 61 (35-lb. dbs, bench dip, sa thruster in final 4 rds)
Lorelle E.: 58 (15-lb. dbs, bench dip, sa thruster in final 4 rds)
Will A.: 106 (20-lb. dbs, sa thruster in rds 4-10)
Matt R.: 47 (30-lb. dbs, bench dip)
Mark: 160 (25-lb. db, bench dip)
Ben H.: 80 (30-lb. dbs, bench dip)
Jon H.: 105 (bench dip; sub: bulgarian split squat)
John Sa.: 45 (30-lb. dbs; sub: 5 deficit pushup rds 1-5, 3 deficit pushup rds 6-10)
Alex S.: 49 (35-lb. dbs, bench dip)
Adrian P.: 56 (80-lbs., ring dip)
Victor P.: 57 (20-lb. med ball, bench dip)
Diana G.: 170 (5-lb. dbs, knee pushup)
Tara C.: 102 (35-lbs.; sub: 4 strict ring dip/round 1-7, 3 strict ring dip/round 8-10)
Chris C.: 70 (45-lbs.; sub: strict ring dip, sa db thruster)