Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday, April 20, 2020

two cycles, as many repetitions as possible in five minutes; rest exactly three minutes between cycles:
21x dumbbell front squat –or– squat drop
21x sheet row –or– 11x strict pull-up –or– 21x burpee
15x dumbbell front squat –or– squat drop
15x sheet row –or– 8x strict pull-up –or– 15x burpee
9x dumbbell front squat –or– squat drop
9x sheet row –or– 5x strict pull-up –or– 9x burpee

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  1. MPH | April 21, 2020 at 9:06 am

    –MPH Outside The Box Scores–
    Alex H.: 5/9 burpee, 1+1/15 fs (50-lbs.; sub: burpee, r1, strict pull-up, r2)
    Courtney H.: 2 rounds, 1+15/15 squat (sub: squat drop, np burpee, r1, 1/2x vertical row, r2)
    Anna G.: 1+8/21 sheet row, 1+18/21 sheet row (15-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Candida M.: 1+4/21 fs, 1 rounds (55-lbs., sheet row)
    Ross B.: 1+13/21 fs, 1+7/21 fs (50-lbs.. strict pull-up/jumping)
    Borja G.: 1+7/21 fs, 1+2/21 fs (50-lbs., strict pull-up)
    Anu B.: 4/5 pull-up, 1/5 pull-up (25-lb. dbs, strict pull-up/jumping)
    David C.: 1+8/21 burpee, 1+5/21 burpee (50-lbs.; sub: weighted glute bridge, no pushup burpee)
    Zac E.: 1+13/21 fs, 1+20/21 fs (40-lb. suitcase, sheet row)
    Walt C.: 1+21/21 fs, 1+21/21 fs (55-lbs., sheet row)
    Charlie: 1+12/21 fs, 1+7/21 fs (35-lbs., 8/5/3 stair pull-up)
    Kate G.: 1+2/11 pull-up, 1+19/21 pull-up (50-lbs.; strict pull-up)
    Joe T.: 1 rounds, 1+3/21 fs (95-lbs., sheet row)
    Chase H.: 1+20/21 fs, 1+1/21 sheet row (45-lbs., sa sheet row)
    Mel F.: 1+19/21 fs, 5/6 pull-up (50-lbs., 2/3x kipping pull-up)
    Sean F.: 1+21/21 fs, 1+3/21 fs (30-lb. sacs, pushup burpee)
    Andrew Z.: 1+ 21/21 fs, 1+3/21 fs (40-lb. dbs, strict pull-up)
    Lisa C.: 1+8/21 sheet row, 1+13/21 sheet row (15-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Seth B.: 1+5/21 fs, 1+7/21 fs (50-lbs.; sub: banded row)
    Morgan M.: 1, 15/15 fs (50-lb. dbs; sub: burpee, 1 fs in 15, r2)
    Alli P.: 1+7/21 fs, 1 (27.5-lb. dbs., 1/3x strict pull-up)
    Mark Co.: 3/15 bp,  12/15 bp (35-lb. dbs, burpee)
    Diana D.: 1+20/21 fs, 1 (backpack, sheet row)
    Matei D.: 1+15/21 fs, 1 (backpack, sheet row)
    Nathan A.: 1+10/21 fs, 1+1/21 sheet row (17.5-lb. dbs., sheet row)
    Tommy W.: 1+15/15 sq, 1+7/7 pull-up (squat drop, 1/3x strict pull-up)
    David B.: 1, 2+12/21 fs (25-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Adrienne V.: 1+1/21 fs, 1 (50-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    John S.: 1+2/11 pull-up, 1+7/21 pull-up (45-lb. db, strict pull-up)
    Katie G.: 1+3/21 sheet row, 1+21/21 row (15-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Chris P.: 1+17/21 fs, 7/9 bp (45-lb. db; burpee rd 1, bo row rd 2)
    Anna Go.: 1+11/21 fs,  1+13/21 fs (20-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Sergio L.: 15/15 bo row, 1 (30-lb dbs, bo row)
    John Sa.: 1+13/21 fs, 1/5 pu (30-lb. dbs, strict pull-up)
    Lily S.: 1+15/21 fs, 1 (20-lb. dbs, band pull-up rd 1, sheet row rd 2)
    Spencer S. 1+10/15 fs rd 1, 1+7/7 pu (rock, 1/3x strict pull-up)
    Travis H.: 1, 1+11/21 fs (25-lb. dbs rd 1, 35-lb. dbs rd 2, strict pull-up)
    Adriana B.: 7/9 burpee, 1+2/21 fs (20-lb. dbs, burpee rd 1, bo row rd 2)
    Patrick J.: 1+8/21 row, 1+1/21 row (30-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Dan H.: 1+1/21 fs, 1+4/21 fs (35-lb. dbs rd 1, 25-lb. dbs rd 2, strict pull-up)
    Charlie S.: 1+4/21 fs, 1 (35-lb. dbs, strict pull-up)
    Will A.: 1+4/7 pu, 1+2/7 pu (20-lb. dbs, 1/3x strict pull-up)
    Matt R.: 1+7/21 fs, 1+15/15 row (30-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Mark D.: 1+15/15 fs, 1+7/7 pull-up (25-lb. dbs, 1/3x strict pull-up)
    Adrian P.: 1+8/21 pu, 1 (95-lbs., kipping pull-up, started on pull-up)
    Josh M.: 2/5 pull-up, 9/9 squat (70-lb. db, strict pull-up)
    Ben H.: 1+4/21 row, 4/9 row (30-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Diana G.: 1+13/21 fs, 1+21/21 fs (15-lb. dbs, sheet row)
    Francisco L.: 1+9/21 fs, 1+10/21 fs (35-lb. dbs, pull-up)
    Victor P.: 1+17/21 fs, 1 (med ball, pull-up)
    Campbell R.: 1+7/21 fs, 1+10/21 fs (40-lbs., sheet row)
    Rich H.: 3+7 fs (50-lb. dbs)
    Zach G.: 2 (squat drop, sheet row)


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