Tuesday, September 1, 2020

CrossFit MPH – WOD


—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Lisa C.: 20:25 (cardio complex, 15-lb. swing, 1/2 jumping pull-up)
Abby C.: 20:25 (cardio complex, 15-lb. swing, 40-30-20, 1/2x jumping pull-up)
Damund W.: 21:50 (800/800/400m run, 30-lb. swing, 40-30-20, 12/10/8 pull-up)
Bill M.: 23:35 (cardio complex, 35-lb. swing, 40-30-20,, sheet row)
Candida M.: 17:51 (SUB: cardio complex, 2/3 20-lb Amer. swings, full # of sheet rows)
Matt K.: 36:03 - 30lb kb, ring rows
Chris C.: 22:45 (35-lbs.; 1/2x strict pu)
Tara C.: 24:32 (35lb - 1/3 strict ring pull up)
Ben H.: 22:17 (30 lb db; sub: cardio complex, 2/3x body row)
Anna G.: 19:35 (Cardio complex, 40/30/20 swings @ 30-lbs, sheet row)
Patrick J.: 23:50 (30 lbs. ; sheet rows)

—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Phillip M.: 24:33 (20-lbs., 1/2x russian swings, ring row)
Alex M.: 25:56 (45-lbs. db swing)
Al C.: 30:05 (55-lbs.)
Sean G.: 25:48 (55-lbs.)
Gaby GA.: 22:46 (25-lbs.; 2/3x banded pull-up, 2/3x swings)
Adrian P.: 29:27 (35-lbs., Q st corner and back route, 1/2x pull-up)
Aaron B.: 24:36 (55-lbs., 1/2x pull-up)
Walt C.: 28:44 (35-lbs.; 2/3x pull-up)
Zachary E.: 23:41 (26-lbs., 2/3x swing, ring row)
Kate G.: 28:18 (35-lbs.; row, 1/2x strict pull-up)
Peter O.: 24:40 (45-lbs.; ring row)
David C.: 25:27 (35-lbs., 7-5-3 minute bike, 1/2x step-up, 1/2x pull-up)
Sean F.: 24:56 (55-lbs., 2 rounds)
Ralph B.: 28:25 (55-lbs., 2/3x pull-up)
Drew P.: 27:08 (55-lbs., 2/3x pull-up)
JP S.: 21:02 (35-lbs, 1/2x swing, ring row)
James O.: 31:00 (55-lbs.)
Jorge G.: 24:50 (35-lbs., 800/400/400, 2/3x swing, 1/2x pull-up)
Matt R.: 25:22 (25-lbs., 1/3x pull-up)
RJ A.: 26:15 (35-lbs., 2/3x swing, 7-5 pull-up; 2 rds)
Rafa C.: 28:40 (35-lbs., 2/3x pull-up)
David B.: 30:23 (35-lbs., 2/3x pull-up)
Dave R.: 29:41 (55-lbs., 1/2 strict pull-up at end)
Chris P.: 24:13 (35-lbs., 2/3x swing, 1/2x pull-up)
Sean Q.: 23:51 (55-lbs.)
Rich H.: 29:35(55-lbs., 90 cal bike, 60 cal bike, 30 cal bike)
Josh M.: 29:24 (55-lbs., 2/3x swing, 2/3x pull-up)
Max R.: 23:24 (55-lbs., 2/3x Russian swing, 2/3x pull-up)
Will A.: 22:50 (25-lbs., 2/3x swing, 2/3x body row)
Morgan M.: 27:29 (55-lbs., 2/3x pull-up)
Tarek K.: 25:45 (35-lbs., 2/3x Russian swing, 2/3x body row)
Stephen K.: 29:30 (55-lbs., 2/3x swing, 2/3x pull-up last two rounds)
Seth C.: 25:48 (35-lbs, 1/2x pull-up)
Terry A.: 19:18 (25-lbs., 800m, 400m, 200m, 1/2x swing, 1/2x body row)
Collin C.: 29:08 (55-lbs.)
Seth B.: 25:00 (35-lbs., 2/3x Russian swing, 2/3x body row/pushup)
Bryan M.: 26:33 (55-lbs, 2/3x swing, 1/2x strict pull-up/jumping pull-up)
Charlie S.: 24:12 (35-lbs., 1/2x strict pull-up)
John S.: 25:48 (35-lbs., 2/3x swing, 1/2x pull-up)
Lily S.: 25:58 (35-lbs., 2/3x Russian Swing, body row)
Colin S.: 24:17 (35-lbs, 2/3x swing)