Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

In Gym:
back squat

Compare results to December 10, 2020.

then, two rounds for quality:
20x Bulgarian split squat
10x good morning

At Home:
four rounds, rest amply between rounds:
10x dumbbell/object squat jump + max dumbbell front squat –or– 10 pause squat jump + max squat

then, two rounds for quality:
15-20x Bulgarian split squat –or– reverse lunge
10x dumbbell/object good morning –or– superman


  1. MPH | February 18, 2021 at 7:27 pm

    —MPH Inside The Box Scores—
    Nathan S.: 135-145-155-lbs. (not on sheet)
    Sarah G.: 25-25-25-lbs. (not on sheet)
    Carlos U.: 115-115-125-lbs. (not on sheet)
    Anu B.: 125-125-135-lbs.
    Adrian A.: 115-115-115-lbs.
    Borja G.: 125-125-125-lbs.
    Rami B.: 125-125-125-lbs.
    Tucker H.: 185*-185*-185*-lbs.
    Kinjal P.: 55-55-65-lbs.
    Michael B.: 135-145-145-lbs.
    Anna G.: 85-90-95-lbs.
    Andy G.: 245-255-265-lbs.
    Chase H.: 180-185-190-lbs.
    Nick Mc.: 115-115-115-lbs.
    Al C.: 185-195-200-lbs.
    Ben H.: 175-185-190-lbs.
    Michael Fo.: 185-185-185-lbs.
    John N.: 130-135-145-lbs.
    Peter O.: 115-125-135-lbs.
    Zac E.: 155-155-155-lbs.
    Ralph B.: 135-135-135-lbs.
    Drew P.: 185-185-185-lbs.
    Aron S.: 115-120-135-lbs.
    Jason O.: 265-275-285-lbs.
    Kate G.: 175-185-165-lbs.
    Matt R.: 135-145-155-lbs.
    Ken G.: 155-160-165*-lbs
    Addie C.: 45-45-45*-lbs.
    Dave R.: 225-235-240-lbs.
    Andrew Z.: 195-205-215-lbs.
    Will O.: 165-175-185-lbs.
    Nathan A.: 85-95-85-lbs.
    Rafa C.: 145-150-155-lbs.
    Chris C.: 245-255-255-lbs.
    Jared S.: 115-115-115-lbs.
    Julia H.: 95-100-105-lbs.
    Greg M.: 115-115-115-lbs.
    Jose R.: 165-170-175-lbs.
    Melody F.: 175-185-155-lbs.
    Tara S.: 125-135-140-lbs.
    Rich H.: 195-195-195-lbs.
    Sean Q.: 205-205-205-lbs.
    Sean G.: 275-275x-255-lbs.
    Peter T.: 134-145-155-lbs.
    Kyle H.: 195-205-215-lbs.
    Charlie S.: 140-140-140-lbs.
    George A.: 135-145-145-lbs.
    Thomas R.: 135-135-135-lbs.
    John Sa.: 125-135-135-lbs.
    Brian F.: 135-135-135-lbs.
    Dan N.: 155-155-165-lbs.

  2. MPH | February 18, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    —MPH Outside The Box Scores—
    Bryan M.: Back Squats: 185-195-205 lbs.
    Joe T.: Back squats 215, 225, 235
    Tommy H.: Back Squat: 255, 265, 275


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