Tuesday, March 23, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

for time: 200m run 10x strict handstand pushup 10x back squat @ 135/95-lbs. 400m run 20x strict handstand pushup 20x back squat 200m run 10x strict handstand pushup 10x back squat


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Robert C.: 11:48, box atomic, 95-lbs.
Roberto E.: 12:05, box atomic, 115-lbs.
Sarah G.: 13:39, 1/2/1 minute bike strict press @ 10-lbs. dbs, 25-lbs.
Rami B.: 13:14, box atomic, 115-lbs.
Daniel H.: 12:35, box atomic, 135-lbs.
Andrew Z.: 12:32, HSPU to abmat, 135-lbs.
Tucker H.: 12:14, HSPU to abmat 135-lbs.
Borja G.: 13:22, HSPU to thick 25-lbs plate, 135-lbs.
Michael B.: 12:36, box atomic, 115-lbs.
Andy G.: 11:40, seated strict press with 35-lbs. dbs, 115-lbs.
John B.: 13:11, box atomic, 75-lbs.
Jerry I.: 14:31, box atomic, last 10 floor atomic, 125-lbs.
Adrian P.: 14:03, box atomic, 135-lbs.
Al C.: 14:19, 135-lbs.
Andrew B.: 12:29, box atomic, 95-lbs.
Walt C.: 14:05, HSPU to abmat (10 each round), 105-lbs.
John N.: 13:16, box atomic, 95-lbs.
David C.: 9:13, 1/2/1 minute bike, pushup, 2x lunges
Matt S.: 11:24, box atomic, 95-lbs.
Luke B.: 12:34, box atomic, 115-lbs.
Michael Fo.: 12:15, box atomic, 115-lbs.
Sean F.: 14:03, 135-lbs.
Matt R.: 9:39, 2/3 box atomic, 105-lbs.
Keith E.: 10:45, 2/3 box atomic, 65-lbs.
Dave R.: 10:43, 2/3 prom strict, 135-lbs.
Kate G.: 11:49, 95-lbs.
Will H.: 11:10, box atomic, 95-lbs.
Addie R.: 12:17, 200/200/200 run, prom floor atomic, 45-lbs.
Ken G.: 10:38, box atomic, 95-lbs.
Sean G.: 9:08, box atomic, 135-lbs.
Chris C.: 10:23, 135-lbs.
Rich H.: 12:15, 15/30/15 cal bike, 135-lbs.
Brent H.: 11:19, prom hspu, 135-lbs.
John J.: 11:15, atomic, 115-lbs.
Chris P.: 11:35, 2/3 hspu, 115-lbs.
Julia H.: 12:39, 2/3 box atomic, 75-lbs.
Rafa C.: 10:29, box atomic, 105-lbs.
Charlie S.: 8:23, 2/3 hspu, 115-lbs.
Jarrod F.: 10:15, 2/3 prom hspu, 135-lbs.
Michael H.: 9:25, 115-lbs.
Tara C.: 11:16, 1/2 hspu, 95-lbs.
Lily S.: 12:56, 2/3 box atomic, 65-lbs.
Amy S.: 13:24, 2/3 box atomic, 85/75-lbs.
Stephen K.: 12:04, 2/3 hspu, 95-lbs.
Yao Z.: 13:04, box atomic, 105-lbs
Terri A.: 13:14, knee push-up, 35-lbs.
Phillip M.: 13:14, atomic floor, 53-lbs.
Seth B.: 12:25, 2/3 plate hspu, 135-lbs.

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Matt K.: 200m run
10x box atomic push-ups
10x back squat @ 95lbs
400m run
20x box atomic PUs
20x squat @ 95lbs
200m run
10x box atomic PUs
10x squat @ 95lbs
Bryan M.: 11:15: 200/400/200m runs; 10/20/10x Atomic PUs; 10/20/10x squats @ 135-lb.