Monday, March 29, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

"21.3" as many repetitions as possible in 15 minutes, stopping if you complete the work: 15x front squat @ 95/65-lbs. 30x toes-to-bar 15x thruster --rest one minute-- 15x front squat 30x chest-to-bar pull-up 15x thruster --rest one minute-- 15x front squat 30x bar muscle-up 15x thruster "21.4" Seven minutes to find a heavy complex: 1x deadlift + 1x clean + 1x hang clean + 1x jerk There is no rest between 21.3 and 21.4. If you complete 21.3 before 15 minutes, you will immediately move to 21.4.


—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Candida M.: 3 rounds + 15 front squats, 20 sheet rows and 12 pike-ups.
(@ home workout with 45-lb front squats and thrusters, 20 sheet rows and 20 pike-ups/round.)
Chris Ca.: 12:15 (30/35-lb. dbs, 5 pull-up)
Lisa C.: 12:20 (25-lb. dbs, rot sit-up)
Tom G.: 2 rds + 9/15 front squat in second rd of front squats (15-lb. dbs, front squat for thruster, rot sit-up)
Bill M.: 14:40 (25-lb. dbs, 10 pull-up)
Ross B.: 2 + 5/15 thruster (45-lb. dbs, rot sit-up)

—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Robert C.: 75-lbs 127, (tta, pull-up), 95-lbs
Carlos U.: 65-lbs, 146 (ttb, strict pull-up, strict pull-up), 90-lbs.
Borja G.: 95-lbs, 136, 155-lbs.
Kinjal P.: 35-lbs, 135 (tta, strict body row), 45-lbs.
Al C.: 153, 8:40; 175-lbs.
Chase H.: 147, 8:51, 160
Abbey O.: 134, 55-lbs., 15 strict knee raises, banded pull-up, banded pull-up, 45-lbs.
Morgan W.: 180, 35-lbs., goblet squat (35-lbs.), russian twist, squat hold
Adrian P.: 120, knees-to-chest, pull-up, 75-lbs.
Ben H.: 85-lbs., 107 (pull-ups), 155-lbs.
John N.: 75-lbs., 111 (tta, pull-ups), 130-lbs.
Jason S.: 75-lbs., 147 (tta, pull-ups, pull-ups), 135-lbs.
Walt C.: 137, (tta, pull-up, pull-ups), 155-lbs.
Sean F.: 146, 185-lbs.
Kyle H.: 135, (ttb/tta, ctb/pull-ups), 155-lbs.
Ralph B.: 75-lbs, 145 (ttb, pull-ups, pull-ups), 145-lbs.
Drew P.: 45-lbs. (all front squats, sit-ups, body rows, 60s plank, 60s side plank, 60s side plank) 115-lbs.
Jared S.: 75-lbs., 170, (ctb pull-up), 115-lbs.
Nate S.: 75-lbs., 170 (20 pull-up/band pull-up), 120-lbs.
Chris C.: 95-lbs., - final rd of bike (15 strict ttb, 15 strict ctb, 15 cal for thruster)
Yao Z.: 65-lbs., 135 (tta, 20 band pull-up), 95-lbs.
Rich H.: 95-lbs., 135-lbs., 215-lbs.
Mike L.: 75-lbs., 121 (ctb/pull-up), 135-lbs.
Michael Fo.: 75-lbs., 14:03 (20 band pull-up), 135-lbs.
Rafa C.: 65-lbs., 155 (tta, pull-up), 130-lbs.
Nathan A.: 55-lbs., 14:14 (tta, 15 band pull-up), 95-lbs.
Matt R.: 65-lbs., 137 (pull-up), 115-lbs.
Keith E.: 45-lbs., 14:59 (tta, 15 band pull-up), 75-lbs.
Zach D.: 95-lbs., 140 (ctb), 225-lbs.
Diana G.: 45-lbs., 10:02 (v-up, bodyrow, front squat), 55-lbs. (1 deadlift + 1 clean + 2 hpc)
Lily: 55-lbs., 177, (tta, 15 banded pull-ups), 85-lbs.
John J.: 65-lbs., 145 (tta, pull-ups?), 75-lbs.
Julia: 55-lbs., 134 (tta, 15 banded pull-ups), 90-lbs.
Bill G.: 18:52 (50-40-30, cal on bike, anchored strict sit-up)
Ken G.: 75-lbs., 154 (tta, banded pull-ups, banded pull-ups), 145-lbs.
Jarrod F.: 14:52 (strict hanging knee raise, 20 strict pull-ups, 10 strict pull-ups), 95-lbs.
Melody F.: 65-lbs., 135, 155-lbs
Tommy H.: 95-lbs., 137, 185-lbs.
Justin M.: 75-lbs., 176 (tta, pull-ups, pull-ups), 145-lbs.
Peter T.: 55-lbs., 160 (tta, pull-ups, pull-ups), 135-lbs.
Joe T.: 95-lbs.,
Patrick J.: 75-lbs., 156 (tta, pull-ups, pull-ups), 140-lbs.
Brian F.: 65-lbs., 139 (tta, banded pull-ups, banded pull-ups), 105-lbs.
Seth B.: 75-lbs., 141 (tta, banded pull-ups, banded pull-ups), 165-lbs.
Matt K.: 65-lbs., 129 (tta, banded pull-ups, banded pull-ups), 105-lbs.