Friday, April 2, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes: 6x strict ring dip max front rack lunge @ 100/70-lbs.


—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Kinjal P: 55, 30-lbs. (banded)
Will H.: 89, 60-lbs. (4x dip rd 9-12)
John B.: 74, 50-lbs. (banded)
Rami B.: 67, 50-lbs.
Robert C.: 93, 50-lbs. (3x dip rd 11-12)
Daniel H.: 102, 70-lbs. (banded)
Travis H.: 85, 60-lbs.
Brittney C.: 78, 30-lbs. (static, db front rack squat)
Morgan W.: 78, 65-lbs. (sit-up, back-rack reverse lunge)
Andrew W.: 133, 50-lbs. (4x banded)
Jerry I.: 110, 25-lbs. (4x banded rd 8-12)
Chase H.: 133, 70-lbs.
Diana G.: 108, 40-lbs. (1 half 30 sec plank hold, 1 half 6 ring row)
Ben H.: 127, 60-lbs. (4x dip)
Jose R.: 105, 60-lbs.
David C.: 105, 50-lbs.
John N.: 119, 50-lbs. (4x dip)
Michael.: 86, 60-lbs. (3x strict dip rd 1-3, 6x banded dip rd 4-12)
Aron S.: 80, 40-lbs. (6x banded dip)
Morgan M.: 137, 70-lbs. (4-6x dip)
Kate G.: 163, 50-lbs. (4x dip)
Julian M.: 105, 40-lbs. (4x band)
Luke B.: 150, 50-lbs. (4-3x dip)
Ken G.: 107, 60-lbs. (6-4x band)
Andrew B.: 106, 50-lbs. (3x dip)
Andrew Z.: 131, 70-lbs. (5x dip)
Peter T.: :), 60-lbs. (4-3x dip)
Yao Z.: 110, 50-lbs. (3x dip)
Tommy H.: 115, 70-lbs. (6x dip)
Justin M.: 135, 60-lbs. (6x dip)
Jared S.: 85, 50-lbs. (4x dip)
Charlie S.: 118, 60-lbs. (4x dip)
Chris C.: 170, 70-lbs. (6x dip)
Josh M.: 118, 50-lbs. (3-6x dip)
Tara S.: 158, 50-lbs. (3 dip)
Chris P.: 136, 60-lbs. (6 dip)
Phillip M.: 85, 30-lbs. (4-banded dip)
Sean Q.: 192, 70-lbs.
Mike L.: 132, 60-lbs. (4-6x dip)
Terry A.: 78, 30-lbs. (bench dip)
John J.: 152, 50-lbs. (3-6x dip)
Keith E.: 102, 50-lbs. (4x band dip)
John S.: 135, 60-lbs. (3-6x band dip)
Jason S.: 106, 70-lbs.

—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Bryan M.: 115 r-lunges @ 70-lbs (w/ db push press)
Joe T.: In gym @ home. 118 (Rx)
Bill M.: 56 lunge (35-lbs., 70/60-lbs. pp)
Lisa C.: 122 lunge (25-lb. dbs)
Diana D.: 135 lunge (24-lbs.)
Cristian D.: 90 lunge/66 with 24-lbs. (6/4 dip)
Sarah G.: 104 lunge (5-lbs., 10-lb. sp)