Saturday, July 31, 2021

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

32 minutes, every minute, on-the-minute: minute 1: 2-5x rope climb, 12-ft. (standing start) minute 2: 10x dumbbell push press @ 50/35-lb. dbs minute 3: 20x single-arm snatch, 50/35-lbs. minute 4: rest


—MPH Outside The Box Scores—
Kate G.: 1: 10x/side 30lb. db. row;
2: 10x 30lb. dbs. push press
3: 20x 30lb. db. sas

—MPH Inside The Box Scores—
Dave R.: 32x total. rope climb, 45-lb dbs.
Andrew Z.: 32x total rope climb, 40-lb. dbs.
Diana G.: 80x total body row, 20-lb. db., 15-lb. dbs. (weighted glute bridge, single arm db power clean)
Al C.: 32x total rope climb, 45-lb. dbs.
Charlie S.: 30x total rope climb; 30-lbs.
Tara S.: 56x total strict pull up; 20-lbs & 15-lbs.
Mel F.: 17x total rope climb; 30-lbs.
Mike L.: 20x total rope climb; 35-lbs.
Keith E.: 14x total rope climb; 30-lbs.
John J.: 21x total rope climb; 30-lbs.
Tucker H.: 24x total rope climb; 45-lbs. & 30-lbs.
Thomas R.: 20x total rope climb; 35-lbs.
Jahari H.: 28x total rope climb; 50-lbs.
Sean F.: 40x total bar muscle ups; 45-lbs.
Bobby H.: 24x total rope climb; 20-lbs.
RJ A.: 15x total rope climb; 30-lbs. & 20-lbs.
Bill G.: 160x total virtual toes to bar; 45-lbs.
Josh M.: 40x total strict pull up; 25-lbs. sp, 1 min bike
Adrienne V.: 9x total rope climb; 25-lbs., 20-lbs & 15-lbs.