Tuesday, April 12, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

as many repetitions as possible in 25 minutes: 8x wall ball @ 20/14-lbs., 10-ft. target 1x shuttle run, 60m 1x rope climb, 12-ft., standing start 16x wall ball 2x shuttle run 2x rope climb 24x wall ball 3x shuttle run 3x rope climb 32x wall ball 4x shuttle run 4x rope climb 24x wall ball 3x shuttle run 3x rope climb 16x wall ball 2x shuttle run 2x rope climb 8x wall ball 1x shuttle run 1x rope climb


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Tom G.: 2 + 3/20 no pushup burpee (20-lbs.)
Bill M.: 2 + 8/10 no pushup burpee (30-lbs.)
Damund W.: 1 + 5/20 no pushup burpee (25-lbs.)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Al C.: 17:30 (20-lb. wb, legless rope climbs)
Anna G.: 21:16 (10-lb. wb, 20 sec bike sprint, 6-12-18-24 bodyrows)
Dan H.: 22:17 (20-lb. wb)
Rami B.: 23:00 (20-lb. wb)
Andrew S.: 20:40 (14-lb. wb)
Patrick H.: 23:50 (14-lb. wb, 3-6-9-12 banded pull ups)
Hailey F.: 21:30 (9ft, 14-lb. wb, prom rope climb)
Andrew Z.: 17:30 (20-lb. wb)
Adrian P.: 24:18 (10-lb. wb)
Roberto L.: 20:22 (20-lb. wb, 3-6-9-12 strict pull-ups)
Tucker H.: 19:49 (20-lb. wb)
Edgar J.: 22:22 (20-lb. wb)
Austin S.: 18:23 (20-lb. wb, 9-ft)
Noah T.: 17:30 (20-lb. wb)
Walt C.: 17:10 (20-lb. wb)
Nick C.: 21:15 (14-lb. wb, 9-ft)
Justin G.: 22:30 (20-lb. wb)
Will H.: 17:31 (20-lb. wb)
Nick W.: 19:04 (20-lb. wb)
Ben H.: 24:32 (20-lb. wb push press, 3-6-9-12 strict rope pull-ups)
Luke B.:  17:31 (20-lb. wb)
Sean F.: 16:16 (20-lb. wb)
Mark B.: 19:40 (14-lb. wb, prom rope climb)
Hanna G.: 19:18 (14-lb. wb, wb push press)
Dave R.: 24:33 (8-16-24-32-24-16-8 cal bike)
John B.: 17:48 (20-lb. wb)
Max R.: 21:58 (20-lb. wb, 2x strict pull-up)
JP S.: 23:45 (20-lb. wb, lie-down-stand-up)
Yousi A.: 24:36 (14-lb. wb, 8-ft., prom rope climb)
Pedro L.: 24:12 (14-lb. wb, 9-ft.)
Francisco L.: 21:06 (20-lb. wb)
Rich H.: 16:09, 1+ 16/32 wb  (20-lb. wb)
Beau R.: 20:40 (20-lb. wb)
Coleman G.: 23:39 (20-lb. wb)
David K.:  22:59 (20-lb. wb, 1 rope climb final 3 rds)
Josh M.: 24:11 (20-lb. wb)
Julia H.: 16/16 wall ball, 2nd set (10-lb. wb)
Charlie S. 18:45, 1+ 18/24 wb (20-lb. wb)
Sean G.: 15:14, 1+ 4/4 shuttle run (20-lb. wb)
Stephen W.: 24:28 (14-lb. wb at 9.5 ft, 1 rc per rd)
Ben B.: 21:00 (20-lb. wb)
Mike L.: 23:00 (20-lb. wb)
Charlie K.: 18:21 (20-lb. wb)
Matt R.: 18:28 (20-lb. wb)
Tommy H.: 18:55 (20-lb. wb)
Justin M.: 21:40 (20-lb. wb)
Stephen K.: 23:09 (14-lb squat jump and 3x rope climb as pull up)
Bryan M.: 16:20, 1+ 3/3 rope climb, 3rd round of 24 (20-lb. wb)
Jahari H.: 17:20, 1+ 1/3 rope climb, 3rd round of 24 (20-lb. wb)
Sean Q.: 15:11 (20-lb. wb)
Bill G.: 1/2 rope climb, 2nd round of 16 (20-lb. wb, 2x lie-down-stand-up, bike cal 8-16-24-32-24-16-8)
Patrick J.: 21:40 (20-lb wb, parallel squat wall ball)
Rony J.: 20:26 (10-lb. wb, lie-down-stand-up)