Thursday, April 14, 2022

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

three rounds for time: 30x single-leg squat (alternating, total) 35x pike-up --or-- v-up 10x muscle-up


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Candida M.: 12:05 (sub:single-arm snatches @ 15 lbs)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Rami B.: 15:26 (close stance squat, tuck-up, kipping ring pu)
Daniel H.: 16:23 (supported, pike-up, kipping ring pu)
Al C.: 20:19 (pike-up)
Patrick H.: 18:28 (supported, tuck-up, banded pu)
Dan B.: 20:04 (supported, 20 tuck-up, kipping pu)
Andrew W.: 18:14 (supported, 20 tuck-up, kipping ring pu)
Sean Q.:  20:24 (pike-up)
Austin S.: 12:13 (supported, pike-up, kipping ring pu)
Ben H.: 15:45 (30 American KB swings (35-lbs.), v-up, kipping ring pu)
Mirar B.: 16:10 (20 sls w/ counterbalance, v-up, kipping ring pu)
Chase H.: 15:29 (supported, v-up, bodyrows)
Nick W.: 14:55(supported, tuck-up, kipping ring pu)
David C.: 15:30 (narrow air squats, v-up, 4 ring mu)
Jonathan D.: 16:36 (supported, tuck-up, kipping ring pu)
Dave R.: 16:47 (10/5/5 mu)
Pedro L.: 19:03 (supported, kipping ring pull-up, v-up)
Ella B.: 17:51 (supported, band pull-up, v-up/90-second plank hold)
Greg M.:18:42  (supported, kipping ring pull-up)
RJ A.: 18:20 (supported, kipping ring pull-up, v-up)
John B.: 17:56 (plate-assist sls, mu attempts, v-up)
Beau R.: 16:47 (2/2/2 mu, v-up)
Mark B.: 17:49 (supported, v-up, kipping ring pull-up)
Jen M.: 18:47 (supported, v-up, band strict pull-up)
Mike H.: 17:29 (7/7/7 mu)
John J.: 14:03 (plate supported, ring pu)
Sam R.: 13:55 (1/1/1 mu)
Ross B.: 13:20 (banded pu)
John S.: 12:48 (supported, ring pu)
Jenna B.: 16:08 (v-up, 7 banded pu)
Justin G.: 16:12 (v-up, strict pull up)
Justin M.: 15:05 (weighted sls, kipping ring pull up)
Tommy H.: 15:01 (1/1/1 mu)
Sean G.: 17:30 
Matt R.: 15:55 (supported, tuck up, ring pu)
Charlie K.: 17:26 (tuck up, 6/6/6)
Bill G.: 15:58 (7 pull + 10 dip, 45 lunge)
Will H.: 16:30 (supported, 10 strict pu)
Jahari H.: 17:22 (supported, 0/1/1 mu + ring pu)
Tyler S.: 16:30 (supported, v-up, ring pu)
Seth B.: 17:03 (supported, v-up, 15 bodyrow)
John Sa.: 16:28 (v-up, ring pu)
Adrienne V.: 15:11 (supported, v-up, 5 ring pu)