Monday, January 16, 2023

Monday, January 16, 2023

CrossFit MPH – WOD

WOD (No Measure)

In Gym:
shoulder press

Begin each round every three minutes.

then, two rounds for time:
45x swing @ 55/35-lbs.
10x single-arm push press, right arm @ 55/35-lbs.
10x single-arm push press, left arm

At Home:
four rounds for time:
40x object swing –or– (touch ground + jump and reach overhead)
15x object press –or– (atomic pushup)


  1. MPH | January 18, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    -MPH Outside the Box Scores-
    Lisa C.: 13:20 (20-lb. dbs)
    Tom G.: 14:36 (25/20-lb. dbs)
    Diana D.: 14:20 (15-lb. db sp, 20-lb. swing

  2. MPH | January 19, 2023 at 1:14 pm

    -MPH Inside the Box Scores-
    Kara K.: 60-65-lbs., 6:59 (35-lb kb swings, 25-lb kb pp)
    Chase H.: 105-110-lbs., 6:07 (35-lb kb)
    Charlotte L.: 45-48-lbs., 7:27 (25-lb kb)
    Nate S.: 90-95-lbs., 5:41 (45-lb kb swings, 35-lb kb pp)
    Dan B.: 115-120-lbs., 6:58 (35-lb kb)
    Sarah H.: 40-40-lbs., 6:16 (35-lb kb swings, 15-lb db pp)
    Steven T.: 115-115-lbs., 5:50 (50-lb kb)
    Diana G.:40-42-lbs., 8:09 (25-lb kb, 15-lb db pp)
    Bobby H.: 85-90-lbs., 8:47 (35-lb kb)
    Ross B.: 140-145-lbs., 5:36 (45-lb kb)
    Adrian P.: 110-110-lbs., 7:33 (35-lb kb)
    Hanna G.: 85-95-lbs., 3:46 (35-lbs.)
    Melody F.: 65-70-lbs., 6:08 (35-lbs.)
    Jen D.: 65-70-lbs., 6:21 (25-lb kb)
    Jesse A.: 140-150-lbs., 8:05 (45-lb kb)
    Jahari H.: 100-100-lbs., 9:09 (50-lb kb, 50-lb db pp)
    Kate G.: 90-95-lbs., 8:28 (35-lb kb)
    Greg M.: 85-90-lbs., 7:20 (35-lb kb)
    Drew P.: 110-115-lbs., 4:30 (50-lb kb prom deadlift, 35-lb db pp)
    Ralph B.: 110-110-lbs., 7:04 (45-lb kb, 35-lb db)
    Haisheng Y.: 95-100-lbs., 7:54 (50-lb kb)
    Tarek K.: 90-92-lbs., 8:54 (45-lb kb, 35-lb db pp)
    Al C.: 105-105-lbs., 9:05 (55-lb. kb)
    Patrick J.: 90-90-lbs., 6:33 (35-lb kb)
    Rajeev R.: 95-95*-lbs., 6:32 (35-lb kb)
    Dave R.: 100-110-lbs., 7:11 (50-lb kb, 50-lb db pp)
    Julia H.: 60-60-lbs., 8:10 (35-lb kb, 25-lb kb pp)
    Hal 100-100-lbs., 5:46 (35-lb kb, 25-lb db pp)
    Zach D.: 120-125-130x, 6:03 (55-lbs.)
    Adam S.: 50-60*-lbs.
    Inna A.:
    Charlie S.:
    Chris G.:
    Nat C.: 40-45x-50x-lbs.
    Jacob T.:
    Matthew R.: 90-95x-lbs.
    Mike L.:
    Phillip M.
    Sean G.: 
    Zac E.: 95-100-105x-lbs.
    Will H.: 95-100x-lbs.
    Mike L.: 105-lbs.
    Zach D.:
    Amr M.: 85-90-lbs.
    Bill G.: 135-135-lbs.
    Brendan D.: 85-95-105x-lbs.
    Daniel H.:
    Kate R.: 80-85*-lbs.
    Ryan B.: 115-lbs.
    Sam E.: 55-60-65*x-lbs.
    Will S.: 75-80*x-lbs.
    Andrew C.: 95-100-105x-lbs.
    Brenda B.: 50-55*x-lbs.
    Elliot M.:
    Lily S.:
    John Sa.: 80-lbs.
    Rony J.:
    Mike L.: 105-lbs.


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