Wednesday, April 5, 2023

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

every minute, on-the-minute, for 20 minutes: 5x burpee 2x heavy power clean 2x heavy hang power clean


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Bill M. & Tom G.: COMPLETE

Kelly H.: 95-lbs (3 burpee)
Borja G.: 75-lbs. 
Tucker H.: 125-lbs. (1-12) 115-lbs. (13-20)
Daniel H.: 105-lbs. 
Jaren G.: 115-lbs. (5 burpee 1-15, 4 16-20)
Justin G.: 85-lbs. (5 burpee 1-10, 4 11-20)
Aiden C.: 65-lbs. (5 burpee 1-10, 3 11-20)
Hanna G.: 125-lbs.
RJ A.: 75-lbs. (3 burpee)
Luke B.: 19 rounds, 95-lbs.
Chase H.: 105-lbs.
Theresa S.: 55-lbs. (1-10 5 burpee, 11-20 4 burpee)
John N.: 105-lbs. (2 burpee)
Sarah H.: 65-lbs. (4 burpee)
Ross B.: 115-lbs. (8 pushup)
Diana G.: 55-lbs.
Kate G.: 85-lbs.
Dave R.: 145-lbs.
Sam C.: 75-lbs. rounds 1-10, 85-lbs. rounds 11-20
Jacob T.: 95-lbs. rounds 1-7, 75-lbs. rounds 8-20
Devin L.: 185-lbs.
Ryan S.: 145-lbs.
Matthew R.: 105lbs.
John L.: 185-lbs. (3 burpee, 18 rounds)
Madison S.: 65-lbs. (4 burpee)
Haisheng Y.: 95-lbs.
Melody F.: 105-lbs.
Bobby H.: 85-lbs.
Andrew W.: 105-lbs.
Sean G.: 155-lbs. 
Beau R.: 105-lbs. (16) 
Brendan D.: 135-lbs. 
John B.: 105-lbs. 
Charlie S.: 105-lbs. 
RJ A.: 105-lbs. 
Greg M.: 95-lbs. 
Tara S.: 85-lbs. 
Chris G.:85/ 70-lbs. 
Julia H.: 75-lbs.
 Jen D.: 75/65-lbs. 
Julie A.: 65-lbs. (4 npb/16) 
Ryan C.: 65-lbs.
Jeff C.: 115-lbs.
Tommy H.: 165-lbs.
Justin M.: 110-lbs.
TR R.: 165-lbs. (14 rds of cleans)
Kate R.: 95-lbs.
Kyle B.: 75-lbs.
Connor R.: 145-lbs. (17 rds)
Brenda B.: 45-lbs. (16 rds)
Tyler S.: 100-lbs. (19 rds)
Adrienne V.: 85-lbs.
Rich H.: 170-lbs.
Michael L.: 95-lbs.
Duncan A.: 105-lbs.
Sophie Z.: 45/55-lbs. (16 rds)
Rony J.: 75-lbs.
Lily S.: 75-lbs. (19 rds)
Seth B.: 85-lbs. (17 rds)
Ryan B.: 80-lbs.
John S.: 75-lbs. (4 HPC)
John D.: 65-lbs. (3 burpee, 15 rds)