Thursday, April 13, 2023

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

four rounds, every two minutes: 3 pause back squat, 2-second pause at bottom position then, for time: 30x back squat @ 155/105-lbs. 1000m row 30x back squat


-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Lisa C.: 70-lbs., 10:08 (20-lb. dba)

Bill M: 70-lbs., 9:58 (20-lb. dbs)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Kelly H.: 210-lbs., 12:45 (125-lbs.)
Dan H.: 210-lbs., 9:40 (135-lbs.)
Nate S.: 185-lbs., 9:31 (105-lbs.)
Terry A.: 35-lbs. (5 reps), 10:19 (1000m run, 85-lb deadlift)
Carlos U.: 135-lbs., 9:48 (95-lbs.)
Jaren G.: 135-lbs., 12:05 (95-lbs.)
Borja G.: 145-lbs., 9:23 (95-lbs.)
Stuart J.: 185-lbs., 11:57 (105-lbs.)
Jen D.: 140-lbs., 10:33 (95-lbs.)
Jerry I.: 235-lbs., 10:30 (135-lbs.)
Charlotte L.: 100-lbs., 10:43 (55-lbs.)
Bobby H.: 195-lbs., 12:38 (155-lbs.)
Adrian P.: 205-lbs., 11:02 (105-lbs.)
Gracie M.: 85-lbs., 12:00 (55-lbs.)
Hanna G.: 205-lbs., 7:50 (105-lbs.)
Jesse A.: 195-lbs., 9:54 (115-lbs.)
Ryan B.: 165-lbs., 8:15 (95-lbs.)
Matt A.: 150-lbs., 10:03 (95-lbs.)
Andrew W.: 155-lbs., 8:45 (155-lbs.)
Tarek K.: 155-lbs., 8:58 (95-lbs.)
Kate G.: 215-lbs., 7:45 (105-lbs.)
Rony J.: 125-lbs., 9:50 (105-lbs.)
Dave R.: 195-lbs., 8:48 (155-lbs.)
Sabien S.: 155*-lbs., 9:12 (95-lbs.)
Talia C.: 115-lbs., 11:04 (70/55-lbs.)
Steve T.: 215-lbs., 9:56 (145-lbs.)
RJ S.: 145*-lbs., 10:33 (75-lbs.)
Dan B.: 235-lbs., 8:50 (135-lbs.)
Frank P.: 205-lbs., 8:18 (115-lbs.)
Adam M.: 95-lbs., 8:56 (65-lbs., 20 back squat part 2)
David C.: 155-lbs., 9:58 (95-lbs.)
Sean F.: 235-lbs., 8:30 (95-lbs.)
RJ A.: 205-lbs., 9:20 (115-lbs.)
Lily S.: 135-lbs., 11:10 (65-lbs., 1000m run)
Chris C.: 165-lbs., 8:03 (135-lbs., 20 back squat part 2)
Kate R.: 150-lbs. 11:50 (105-lbs.)
Kyle B.: 165*-lbs. 12:20 (135-lbs.)
Bradley L.: 165-lbs. 10:18 (115-lbs.)
Kevin L.: 135-lbs. 9:51 (95-lbs.)
Sean G.: 275-lbs. 7:43 (155-lbs.)
Graham F.: 230-lbs., 9:41 (155-lbs.)
Matthew R.: 220-lbs., 10:38 (145-lbs., 1000m run)
Brendan D.: 215-lbs., 10:25 (155-lbs.)
Elliot M.: 175-lbs., 12:05 (95-lbs., 1000m run)
Tara S.: 155-lbs. 9:32 (105-lbs.)
Richard G.: 185-lbs., 10:15 (95-lbs.)
Sam B.: 155*-lbs., 10:35 (105-lbs.)
Theresa S.: 90-lbs., 10:35 (65-lbs.)
Joy L.: 90-lbs., 10:51 (65-lbs.)
John D.: 105-lbs., 11:35 (75-lbs.)
Ryan C.: 155-lbs., 10:47 (80-lbs.)
Brenda B.: 80-lbs., 11:20 (55-lbs.)
Margaret A.: 105-lbs., 10:44 (105-lbs.
Nicole B.: 155-lbs., 11:13 (85-lbs.)