Tuesday, June 6, 2023

CrossFit MPH – WOD

In Gym

for time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 power clean @ 155/105-lbs. chest-to-bar pull-up swing @ 55/35-lbs. Compare results to August 20, 2011.


-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Diana D.: 19:36 (15-lb. Dbs, 20-lbs., band pu)

-MPH Inside the Box Scores-
Brendan: 17:10, 155-lbs, 55-lbs.
Ryan C.: 65-lbs., 25-lbs., banded-jumping
Danel.: 21:02, 115-lbs., 55-lbs., kipping (hang power)
Nate S.: 16:55, 115-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping
Andrew S.: 17:37, 105-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping
John L.: 19:26, 105-lbs. 35-lbs., jumping
Rami B.: 21:31, 105-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping
Carlos U.: 15:53, 85-lbs., 35-lbs, ctb
Andrew Z.: 18:02, 135-lbs., 55-lbs., kipping
Jermaine : 20:05, 75-lbs., 35-lbs., banded (rds 10-5)
Ryan C.: 21:00, 65-lbs., 35-lbs., jumping (10-3)
Kyle : 18:11, 95-lbs., 35-lbs., strict
Harrison T.: 17:20, 115-lbs, 45-lbs., kipping
David C.: 16:53, 85-lbs., 55-lbs., ctb
Aiden C.: 18:25, 85-lbs., 35-lbs., kipping
Anu B.: 20:19, 105-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping
Melody F.: 18:40, 105-lbs. 35-lbs., ctb
Sam : 18:50, 95-lbs, 45-lbs., kipping
Dan B.: 20:55, 95-lbs., 50-lbs., kipping
Stuart J.: 20:45, 95-lbs., 55-lbs., strict/jumping
Abraham : 21:10, 95-lbs., 35-lbs., strict
Jerry I.: 20:43, 85-lbs., 25-lbs. banded
Michelle B.: 20:00, 35-lbs., 15-lbs., jumping
Jenna B.: 20:36, 65-lbs., 25-lbs., banded
Abbey O.: 21:00, 55-bls., 25-lbs., banded
Justin G.: 21:22, 95-lbs., 40-lbs., kipping
TR R.: 18:23, 155-lbs.
Marcus C.: 19:54, 95-lbs., 35-lbs., jpu
Will H.: 20:11, 105-lbs., 45-lbs.
Grace J.: 19:14, 45-lbs., 25-lbs., band pu
Chase H.: 15:29, 65-lbs., 35-lbs. kipping
Hal B.: 18:48, 85-lbs., 35-lbs, kipping
Luke B.: 17:34, 95-lbs., 35-lbs, kipping
Chris C.: 17:55, 155-lbs., 55-lbs.
Dave R.: 15:50, 155-lbs., 55-lbs.
Kate G.: 19:11, 105-lbs., 35-lbs.
Harrison C.: 20:04, 135-lbs., 55-lbs.
Julie A.: 19:35, 85-lbs., 25-lbs., banded/bodyrow
Tarek K.: 20:41, 115-lbs., 55-lbs., kipping/jumping
Mark B.: 18:10, 75-lbs., 35-lbs., band
Drew P.: 17:50, 115-lbs., 35-lbs., strict pull-up
Jesse A.: 18:25, 115-lbs., 55-lbs, kipping
Ralph B.: 17:30, 115-lbs., 55-lbs., kipping
Rajeev R.: 18:32, 95-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping
Bill M.: 18:49, 65-lbs., 35-lbs., kipping/jumping

Andrew C.: 22:25, 135-lbs., 55-lbs. (5/4/3/2/1), kipping (5/4/3/2/1)
Mike L.: 19:49, 85-lbs., 45-lbs. sumo dl hp (5/4/3/2/1)
Yao Z.: 20:00, 95-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping
Nick W.: 18:32, 105-lbs., 45-lbs.
Rich H.: 18:14, 155-lbs, 55-lbs.
Katie G.: 18:51, 55-lbs., 25-lbs., kipping (5/4/3/2/1)
RJ A.: 16:35 105-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping
Claire W.: 19:52, 55-lbs., 25-lbs., banded (5/4/3/2/1)
Adam R.: 16:16, 135-lbs., 35-lbs., strict (5/4/3/2/1)
Julia H.: 22:08, 95-lbs., 35-lbs., kipping
Brent S.: 13:06, 95-lbs., 35-lbs., kipping
Phillip M.: 20:26, 75-lbs., 35-lbs., banded (5/4/3/2/1)

Nat C.: 24:40 (65-lbs., 25-lbs., banded)
Hanna G.: 15:29 (105-lbs. muscle clean, 35-lbs.)
Theresa S.: 22:47 (80-lbs., 35-lbs., banded)
Kyle K.: 25:46 (65-lbs., 25-lbs., banded)
Brandon B.: 21:06 (125-lbs., 55-lbs., kipping)
Pete T.: 18:50 (115-lbs., 45-lbs., strict/8/6/4/2/1)

Lily S.: (80-lbs., 35-lbs., banded)
Nick C.: (115-lbs., 35-lbs., kipping)
Tyler S.: (125-lbs., 55-lbs.)
Amr M.: (115-lbs., 45-lbs., banded)
Patrick J.: (95-lbs. muscle clean, 45-lbs.)
Al A.: (75-lbs., 25-lbs., banded)
Margaret A.: (105-lbs., 35-lbs.)
Patrick T.: (115-lbs., 45-lbs.)
Andrew W.: (115-lbs., 45-lbs., kipping)
-MPH Outside the Box Scores-
Diana D.: 14:20 (5 min run, 10-lb oh lunge, 20-lb object squat)
Lisa C.: 11:47 (5 min run, 10-lb oh lunge, 20-lb object squat)