Christy Phillips Athlete T-Shirt

A few months ago, we were trolling Rogue Fitness’ website, when we came across a fresh batch of their athlete t-shirts. Rogue sponsors many of the CrossFit glitterati—Jason Khalipa, Chris Spealler and Kristan Clever, to name a few. But, we wondered, why doesn’t our own Christy P. have a shirt? CP’s a Rogue-sponsored athlete, too, and, among many other recognizable titles, she’s finished in the top 10 at the CrossFit Games each of the past two years (with a podium finish to come this year!).

We set out to change that immediately, and weeks later (with a few more t-shirt printing debacles), she now has her own athlete t-shirt:

We have known Christy for many years. A little known fact: we hired her when we were managing our old “Globo Gym’s” personal training department. We liked her immediately, and were taken with her enthusiasm for life and everyone around her.

We love CP; her limitless energy, her work ethic, and the way she indiscriminately and completely supports all of us, athletes and coaches. CP’s an even better friend to us than she is an athlete, and as she heads to California in two weeks, we can’t think of a better way to honor her successes and what she means to us than to literally wear it on our backs, as small a gesture as it may be.

The spirit of the shirt is simple:

  • Her heart is unmatched, if not a little…devilish
  • The tattoo theme is between us (please, CP?), and the knuckles:
    • On the right hand, a classic CrossFit equation: W (work) = F (force) x d (distance)
    • On the left hand: QE (radiant energy) = CP (Christy Phillips)

We printed enough for those athletes who traveled to the George Mason University Field House a few weeks ago to support her at regionals, and for those traveling to California and the Games two weeks from now—it’s our way of thanking them for taking time beyond the usual to support our community. We may have a few extras left over, so if you’d like one, please send us a note or leave us a comment and if we run out, maybe we’ll have more printed in August.

–Melody and John
July 13, 2011

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