Effort Biased T-Shirt (Earned, Never Given)

We pride ourselves on three elements: community, coaching and effort—the latter determining when you will wear this shirt, because it is not for sale.

Maybe you will annihilate a previous personal best, raise a gym record to a higher standard, or display the character and force of MPH. Do something that you have been working impossibly hard at, or do something that you were not entirely sure you could.

No matter the result, only an extraordinary effort will commission. We will post the names and achievements of those who meet the challenge below.

Effort Biased

    1. Christine S.: for coming to class with an amazing attitude and working out with intensity—not once asking for a modification; pull-ups, burpees and all—nine months and 10 days into her pregnancy.
    2. Jessica H.: for her fast, accurate, unbroken and gutsy effort to win the workout overall on October 6 in a time of 12:53. Her work was all out from start to finish; no repetition or step was spared full effort.
    3. Adam C.: for a relaxed, focused and powerful 6:52.8 2000m row on October 12, and maybe the only time where abandoning coaching paid off. He rowed out of his shoes (again). “Fly and die?” No problem.
    4. Koji H.: for a 40-minute and five-second plank hold on June 9—as “max” an effort as we have ever seen. This is the only “retroactively” awarded shirt, for obvious reasons. Koji’s feat contributed to the genesis of our maxim.
    5. Neil A., Kris C., Jenn J., Jen M., Alex M., Thomas M., Christy P. and Jeff W.: for completing the 35th running of the Marine Corps Marathon, fulfilling a six-month commitment and finishing the journey they began in May.
    6. Katie M.: for completing the 35th running of the Marine Corps Marathon on CrossFit MPH training alone.
    7. Meghan M.: for completing 101 repetitions of max-effort front squats on November 30—the most of any athlete, and at the men’s prescribed weight. She beat her closest male competitor by nine repetitions, and once again lived up to her nickname, “Black Widow” (“B-Wid” for short).
    8. Erez Y.: for finding his true limit in the first set on December 2. Then a gym record, he scored 104 pushups during seven minutes of effort, without coming down from the plank position.
    9. Jerry C.: for centered, impassioned box jumps on February 7, missing only from fatigue and not from fear—unleashing the banzai to end all war cries during each jump.
    10. Caitlin S.: for, despite a broken left femur, arriving back at MPH only a couple of days removed from surgical repairs and pining for good, challenging workouts; for not only her motivation and amazingly positive attitude, but also for being patient with us as we modified her workouts from a short list of possible substitutions and worked to include her in the group environment.
    11. John B.: for completing all 42 clean and jerk repetitions of the April 19 workout at prescription—also his five-repetition personal best at the time. Though John finished past the time limit (unofficially 41:04), he was patient and consistent throughout, working at a true maximum intensity for the duration.
    12. Stuart W.: for, in preparation for U.S. Army Officer Candidate School, completing a two-mile run in 12:58 on May 21—two seconds faster than the best possible score of 13 minutes. An untrained runner, Stuart ran the first mile in 6:08, five seconds off his personal best for a one-mile run, and dug into his final lap to negative-split and beat the cut-off.
    13. Leota T. and Alissa G.: for supporting and pushing each other to be better, stronger and faster on July 27—exemplifying competition and community.
    14. Michael F.: for perseverance; connecting and meeting the challenge after a tough miss at 200 pounds on September 14 to make the two-rep clean (and “PR” by 35 pounds)—proving once again, that everything is better at 7p.
    15. Bill G.: for a patient, steady effort on October 17 at 8a. While it was, at the time, the fastest time (and heaviest load) of the day, Bill’s work showed that efforts don’t need to be flashy or superhuman to get attention.
    16. Sidra C., Drew P. and Mike S.: for accepting and exceeding a challenge to be greater than their first “Fran” effort on December 6. Sid “PR’d” by two minutes and 53 seconds, Drew by two minutes and 11 seconds, and Mike by 39 seconds.
    17. Claire H.: for the quintessential MPH effort on January 4—a perfect squat test score, a carnage-inducing workout application, and an extension of the consistency and community she brings each day.
    18. Dave R.: for persevering and breaking the 200-lb. “barrier” in the snatch—all the way to 205-lbs.—on December 17 (video). And, for being a first-rate athlete, through-and-through.
    19. Jim C.: for working when it mattered in the pushups and box jumps on September 18, and for having an exceptionally good attitude no matter the circumstance.
    20. Matthew W., Josh M., May B. and Holmes H.: for winning the team event of the 5 Ton 5K on September 22 with great teamwork and killer speed.
    21. Chris C., for winning the prescribed division at the two-person team competition, Capital Throwdown, on November 2 (Team Swolemates), and for being one of the most consistent, hard-working and humble athletes.
    22. David S., for giving the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Open workout 14.5 all he had, and then a little more, to win the workout on the men’s side at MPH.
    23. Judy G.: for going (past) full term while maintaining a regular schedule and truly fantastic attitude every day in class, and for always being the quintessential teammate and leader in class.
    24. Dat D.: for always bringing positive energy and giving full effort to every class he attends, inspiring everyone around him to work harder too and on April 22, giving a true max effort by completing his 150 pushups in only two sets: 120 and then, 30!
    25. Amy S.: for always brightening any class she attends with her infectious laugh and on May 22, for displaying what it truly means to “empty the tank” in order to complete “Murph” for the first time with a weight vest in 61:42!
    26. Sean F.: for consistently demonstrating what it means to give a max effort and on June 18, for completing 10 one-minute rounds of 15 chest-to-bar pull-ups as part of a 20′ EMOM, literally squeezing out reps until the last possible second each round for a total of 150 chest-to-bar pull-ups!
    27. Joe T.: for (directly after getting off a flight from India) putting everything he had into the 800m run on December 14, and obliterating the previous record (his record) by 18 seconds.
    28. Ralph B.: for  completing “Fran” as Rx’d for the first time on October 24, putting in exceptional hard work by attending every Tuesday 9a open skill session for the last 10 months in an effort to develop better technique and position–it truly paid off!