Smurf Crew T-Shirt

For our smallest women—those challenged not in spirit or strength, but in altitude—their own t-shirt:

A nod to both The Smurfs and the Kill Bills (Volumes 1 and 2), this shirt is for the short—that elite group of MPH women who transcend box height, pull-up bar placement, wall ball targets, jump rope length, shoe sizes and the surly bonds of physics to turn out elite fitness. To those for whom size cannot matter, we honor you.

If you are less than the five feet, four inch tall average, let us know (these t-shirts only come in size small, obviously). The list so far:

  • Teal B.: “Strong Smurf”
  • Sidra C.: “Coy Smurf”
  • Diana D.: “Stretchy Smurf”
  • Melody: “Coach Smurf”
  • Alissa G.: “Smurfette”
  • Sofia J.: “6a Smurf”
  • Katie M.: “Sketchy Smurf”
  • Candida M.: “Peppy Smurf”
  • Christy P.: “Super Smurf”
  • Rocio Q.: “International Smurf”
  • Roselena R.: “Latina Smurf”
  • Keena S.: “Social Smurf”
  • Christine S.: “Mama Smurf”
  • Leota T.: “Fancy Smurf”

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