Barbell Team

CrossFit MPH Barbell: Weightlifting and Powerlifting¬†is a performance-based, technique-driven program for CrossFit athletes of any experience and ambition. An adjunct of CrossFit MPH and an affiliate of USA Weightlifting (club #0911), our project is based upon the principle that the CrossFit doctrine of “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity” is the superior training practice for any athletic event. This principle forms the foundation of our training paradigm: only by first prioritizing technique in fitness and sport and then layering intensity through CrossFit, are we able to consider adding volume and competition.

The focus of the athlete here is geared toward strength and power development via the Olympic and power lifts. Technique and accessory work for these lifts are included, and progressions to address individual weaknesses are also given.

To begin training with the Barbell Team you must:

  • Be an MPH athlete
  • Participate in our CrossFit workouts four to six days each week, for a minimum of six months

Power and strength development through weightlifting (snatch, and clean and jerk) and powerlifting (back squat, press and deadlift) offers great return against all 10 general physical skills and every athletic endeavor. Strength training is difficult work that demands careful planning and technical proficiency for greatest effect, safety and improvement. Recovery must be prioritized—proper nutrition, sleep and reduction of stress levels are absolutely paramount to success.

Barbell Team ($69 per month) includes:

  • Two, 90-minute Barbell Workout of the Day classes each week—Thursdays 7-830a, and Saturdays 1-2:30p
  • Weekly schedule planning, including workout mapping, nutritional counseling and recovery monitoring
  • Customized competition planning (competition agenda, nutrition and hydration strategy, etc.)

Space is limitedplease sign-up at MPH to reserve your spot!