Can I start with the daily workout right away? I am really fit.

We are willing to respect your efforts prior to finding us at MPH, provided you have trained at a CrossFit facility, and/or completed an affiliate’s introductory program. We want you and all of our athletes to move safely and efficiently, and keeping you healthy and injury-free is our top priority. If you think you have the skills and experience—maybe you have even been to a CrossFit certification or two—drop us a line and let’s talk. We will likely ask you to come in and demonstrate foundational movements, show a few skilled movements and perform a workout. If we like what we see, we might let you begin right away. If not, we will start you in the Elements Workshop.

Otherwise, define “really fit.” If you are going to benefit from training, you need to check your ego. Complete our Elements Workshop, step-by-step, master the material presented and prove yourself daily—the best athletes do not cut corners.