Chris Clever

Ralph Alswang Photographer 202-487-5025

  • CrossFit Level 1 Instructor/Trainer
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (College of William and Mary)

Growing up, I enjoyed playing sports for various reasons: the competition, hard work, commitment to a team, physicality, skill, you name it. While athletics did a lot in developing my body and character, I still see the day in 8th grade when my dad first took me to the gym as being one of the most pivotal with regard to my overall health. That sounds a little extreme, but the lessons I learned were valuable: building or maintaining physical and mental capacity takes time and effort; these types of pursuits demand that training become routine, a staple in what you do and who you are, instead of just something on a to-do list. As teams and opportunities to play sports ebbed and flowed, the gym was always there. In 2008, a buddy introduced me to CrossFit right before I left for the Peace Corps. For the next two years, I did modified CrossFit-ish workouts on my own. After gymnastic rings on my porch, rocks in my yard, and a retaining wall for box jumps, I was ready to get into a box when I got back. I also had a keen understanding of what I would be gaining: community, coaching, programming, and competition. These are some of the best aspects of Crossfit, and MPH has them in spades.

The pursuit of getting stronger, faster, and healthier has never been better for me, from both the standpoints of progress and being fulfilled in the ‘routine’ itself (that is usually not routine at all). I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to grind through workouts with an incredible group of people, and then turn around and coach them in efficient, safe movement. The best days are the ones when you learn something. For me, it’s everyday. My job is to make that true for everyone who steps into class.