Explain the OTB “Workout of the Day.”

The Outside the Box™ (“OTB”) workout is designed for you to complete if traveling away from MPH. It will help you maintain your fitness by mimicking in-gym efforts as closely as possible, allowing you to train our movement patterns, create a muscular and cardiorespiratory response, and train a measure of functional flexibility. It is not a substitute for our regular program.

When completing the OTB workout, use whatever equipment is available to you and, if possible, execute exercises that are closely related to the in-gym workout. For example, if the in-gym workout calls for ring dips and parallel bars are available, it would be best to attempt parallel bar dips before moving on to the OTB substitution—(close-grip) pushups, for example. In another example, if the in-gym workout calls for barbell cleans and dumbbells are available, attempt those implements first before moving to the OTB bodyweight substitution.

At worst, you will be able to perform a version of this workout with no equipment whatsoever. Most OTB workouts can be completed with minimal equipment, and include simple, easy-to-understand exercises. However, if you cannot complete the workout as prescribed, then it will be up to you to further substitute movements or exercises and get creative!