Explain the “Workout of the Day.”

The “Workout of the Day” is the day’s workout, whether participating in private or group training.

When loaded movements are required, the weight selection is “men’s weight / women’s weight.”

The workouts we post are designed to challenge even the most experienced athlete. Not everyone can complete an unscaled version of the workout. Some never will, but this should not discourage you. Each person’s goals, abilities and experiences are different, and each workout will demand different efforts than others for each trainee. Intensity is the lone variable through every workout—move quickly, and take little rest.

Every workout can be scaled according to load, time, volume (repetitions) and distance, and any exercise can be substituted for another. We emphasize each athlete’s strengths, not his or her weaknesses. In other words, we value what you can do, not what you cannot. Regardless of your current fitness level and/or limitations, CrossFit will improve your overall fitness and health.

We will post your time, modifications and experiences to the comments section. There, you can view how others compared to your effort and gather motivation from the feedback. We strongly encourage you to add your own voice to each day’s experience, and to keep track of your progress in a workout log.

By “keeping score”—via time to completion, total weight lifted, or number of sets/repetitions totaled within a time constraint, we collect data and measure progress. With repeatable workouts, we are able to monitor the effects of training. For competitive types, scoring is also a motivational tool to achieve greater work output and, therefore, results.