If I have an injury or other medical consideration, can I still CrossFit?

Before you begin training with us, we will carefully review your medical history, including any injuries, surgeries, medications or conditions.

Often, musculoskeletal injuries are a result of poor biomechanics, and will benefit from our proper movement instruction, as well as stretching and range of motion techniques. If your musculoskeletal injury is beyond the scope of our practice (there are not too many examples of this) we may first refer you to a physical therapist.

If a certain medical consideration precludes some activities or restricts the kinds of exercise(s) you can perform, we require a doctor’s release before beginning any training.

Exercise is for everyone, however, and no musculoskeletal injury or pre-existing condition will preclude you from participating in our classes. We can always substitute an exercise or modify the parameters of the workout so that you can workout—especially if you want to stay in shape while recovering from an injury, surgery, etc. Our workouts are infinitely adaptable and scaleable.