MPH Standards & House Rules

As an MPH athlete, you must:

  • Complete our Elements Workshop, step-by-step, and master the material presented
  • Embrace the community of athletes and the coaching provided in each workout
  • Emphasize movement standards and the quality of each movement, and work with intensity

The best athletes do not cut corners. We favor those athletes who commit to our coaching and our program—those who listen and learn while in our facility, who approach each workout with effort and energy, and who prove themselves daily. If you are willing to work hard, and learn and enjoy a new sport, then MPH is right for you.

There are no exceptions to the following house rules:

  1. Be on time—to our clock. Every minute late means 10 burpees for all, and you will not be admitted if more than five minutes late.
  2. Do not bring food, gum or drinks other than water into the gym.
  3. Cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time.
    1. Illness is the only valid excuse. Do not arrive with a fever, sore throat, chest congestion, cough or stomach illness.
    2. All workouts can be adapted to any soreness or injury.
  4. Move safely, correctly, efficiently and with intensity—in that order. Take pride in this.
  5. Be mindful and considerate of others in the studio and out in the neighborhood. Carelessness will not be tolerated.
  6. Stop and see a coach immediately if you do not feel well or rip your hands.
  7. POW! (Position of Weakness): kneeling, leaning, lying or sitting down post workout, etc., results in 10 burpees for all.
  8. Take care of the equipment and space, and clean both after use.
    1. See a coach immediately if something breaks.
    2. Keep chalk in the bucket and use it sparingly.
  9. Encourage and cheer your classmates. We are a team.
    1. Know each athlete’s name, then get to know each athlete.
    2. Class continues until all athletes finish.
  10. Recover properly and treat yourself like an athlete. Eat well, sleep long, heal your hands, stretch, massage and ice everyday.