MPH Nutrition

Do you want to learn how to eat to improve your performance and achieve your aesthetic goals? Do you need accountability? Work with one of our Precision Nutrition certified coaches! Our method focuses on long-term behavioral change with small, incremental improvements. Most importantly, we meet you right where you are now and begin our coaching from there. We will focus on both food quality and quantity, as well as lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, and schedules.

Step 1: Let’s Talk!

  • 3-day food journal analysis
  • Long-term and short-term goal-setting
  • Question and Answer session

Step 2: Coach Me! $129/month

  • Slowly and successfully modify your nutrition and lifestyle habits to best fuel your workouts and achieve your body composition goals
  • 2x/week progress check emails related to goals, concerns, challenges, etc
  • 1x/month 20-minute in-person check in with measurement re-tests
  • This step may be repeated as many times as desired/needed