How do I start adding endurance work?

Two to three times each week, in addition to the MPH Workout of the Day:

Running: Begin with 8x 200m repeats, working up to 4 to 5x 800m repeats.

Bike: Begin with 8 to 10x 1/4-mile repeats, working up to 4 to 5x 2000m repeats.

Swimming: Begin with 10x 50m, working up to 10x 100m.

Rowing: Start with 8x 500m repeats, working up to 4 to 5x 1000m repeats.

Progression is the key.

For stamina training (e.g., randomized intervals, time trials, tempo drills, etc.), work on building volume from approximately 10-minute efforts to 90-minute efforts, depending upon the race distance for which you are training. If proper intensity is achieved, you will rarely, if ever, need to train beyond 90 minutes.

Once you can physically sustain and recover from these workouts (executed in a progressed manner), you should then follow our endurance programming two to three times each week for a single sport, and up to six workouts each week for multiple sports (e.g., triathlon).

adapted from CrossFit Endurance