How should I plan my week?

Know in advance the days you will be resting and when you will have the ability/flexibility in your weekly schedule to complete all of the prescribed skill work, followed by the endurance workout. You must avoid structuring your schedule in a way that reduces time to accomplish sport-specific drills (e.g., POSE ® drills, etc.). However, if you had planned to complete an endurance workout on the same day that there is a particularly demanding workout at MPH, it would be best to move the endurance workout to another day, and instead rest or engage in active recovery work. Remember that the CrossFit MPH Workout of the Day is always the priority.

Each week’s and/or training cycle’s workouts are prioritized and ordered numerically. For example, “Workout #1” must be completed before “Workout #2” can be attempted, which must be completed before “Workout #3” can be attempted, etc. You must not skip a workout, as each builds upon the one before it both in effort and data.

All endurance workouts are best completed at least three to five hours following the Workout of the Day at CrossFit MPH. Time trials and tempo/stamina work are best completed on pre-programmed, CrossFit MPH rest days, when possible. Once again, however, you must never skip a CrossFit workout in favor of an endurance workout.

adapted from CrossFit Endurance