What about training frequency, rest and recovery?

MPH Running workouts are to be used in conjunction with the CrossFit MPH Workout of the Day and our coaching, with no exceptions. Follow the directions for each week’s workouts. If you are not achieving the times and efforts that you should be, take an extra rest day (or two). Recovery is why you get better, not more training.

CrossFit four to six times each week. This is the priority in training. The most successful athletes will be able to follow a three “on,” one “off” CrossFit or strength and conditioning cycle.

Single-sport athletes should only complete two to three additional endurance workouts each week. Typically, one endurance cycle will consist of one interval workout, one tempo/stamina workout, and one more interval workout. These should be spaced accordingly throughout the week. Multi-sport athletes, such as triathletes, should train no more than two additional endurance workouts per week per sport. This is the prescription, and the only way to follow our program correctly. We know this is likely counter to the training methodologies that you have heard in the past, and we have delineated our reasoning for this approach here.

Rest days may also be a time for active recovery work, provided other rest and nutritional protocols are in place. The following example can (and often should) be done the day of races, after long runs or on endurance-only days after interval work. All exercises below should be completed with light to moderate loads for three sets; complete repetitions until you feel localized fatigue (read: burn) in the target area, or until you reach the prescribed count—whichever comes first. This is not a timed workout:

  • 15x glute-ham developer (GHD) sit-up
  • 15x GHD back/hip extension
  • 15x swing
  • 25x pushup
  • 25x pull-up
  • Stretching and self-myofascial release