Why should I train this way? Why are there no long runs in this type of training?

Long runs fall into a training category we term “long, slow distance” (LSD) and are solely aerobic in nature. This type of aerobic training has the following benefits and drawbacks:

Benefits Drawbacks
Increases cardiovascular function Decreases muscle mass
Better fat utilization Decreases strength
Decreases power
Decreases speed
Decreases anaerobic capacity
Decreases testosterone levels

The many limitations of LSD training easily overpower the limited benefits. It is our contention that limiting an athlete’s exposure to LSD training will allow him or her to not only remain functionally competent and competitive in aerobic endurance pursuits, but also to dominate in all areas of fitness.

Our program requires just six to eight hours each week to compete at Ultra distances.

adapted from CrossFit Endurance